5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Personal Trainer in Dubai

Table of Contents

1. Are all personal trainers the same?

When it comes to hiring a personal trainer, it’s important to do some research and have an understanding of who and what the trainer can offer.

Most customers when booking look at the body of the trainer and automatically believe it could be a right fit but the truth is that every trainer offers different specialization.

For example, some trainer offer weight lost, toning and even Pre-Natal. Some personal trainers focus on weight training, whereas others focus on Functional training alone.

2. What should I look for in a Personal Trainer?

This really comes down to your goals which you probably want to write down.

The common choice of people hiring a personal trainer is that they want to lose weight. However, it’s also good to know that some choose to hire a personal trainer because they have plateaued and cannot exceed their current performance.

Choose a trainer that provides extensive insight into your goals and start a conversation with them.

3. Is your Personal Trainer Certified?

It might feel like an unusual request but it’s for your safety and there is no issue in asking for a personal trainer in providing their certification.

Ofcouse, knowing that you’re being trained by a qualified trainer allows you to be at complete peace with knowing that you’re getting the most out of each sessions.

Certified personal trainers have an extensive background in safety, the correct training methods, ensuring you have a lower probability of injury and offering you the correct dietary plans to help you maximise your success in achieving your goals.

4. What to not make a decision of?

Most personal trainers in Dubai market themselves either through Instagram by showcasing their sculpted bodies, however, this is the end results of much dedication but this should not be the basis of your choice.

The training method is just as important as the result, as you will need to workout in a style that suits you. Ofcourse, this does not mean stay within your comfort zone but be aware that if you prefer weight training for example, then Swimming sessions might not be realistic and sustainable.

Quality personal trainers push their clients out of their comfort zone to really break the mould and help them transform their bodies, with the same token, if you’re being pushed beyond your limits and can no longer sustain it be sure to let them know or switch trainers.

We always advise customers to take a trial session with their personal trainer and explore their synergy before committing to a longer package such as 10 sessions.

5. Get real testimonials and feedback

It may be something you’re probably aware of and the likelihood is that the trainer was recommended by a friend or colleague. Either way, it’s imperative to get an objective perspective on the trainer.

On MYFITAPE, we offer the customer the ability to compare trainers with real results from customers that have only booked on the platform.

It’s important to get it outside from your sphere of influence as it does not provide an accurate measure of what you actually want to achieve.

For example, your colleague may have wanted to tone and look great for the summer but your actual goal is to lose weight, the objectives are different and so retrieving testimonials on that basis is so much more important.

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