Can I contact the Personal Trainer before booking?

Yes, please select 'Ask owner' on their profile. This will open the direct messaging system where you can get in touch to ask any questions. Please note that it is not permitted to exchange contact details and all communication must remain on the ...

Can the personal trainer come to me?

Yes, most trainers on the platform come to train you in your building, local gym or at your home. In the summary section on the personal trainer, you will be able to see how they operate. Some can come to you whilst others focus on certain areas. ...

What does Verified mean?

You might occasionally see the verified badge, on certain profiles. This is an indication that the partner has completed our verification processes such as submitting the required documentation and details. Partners with the verification badge have ...

How do you book?

Booking is done online. Simply select the dates/time available and make a payment online. You will then receive a booking confirmation.

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