Easy Fit - Marina, Dubai
Easy Fit - Marina, Dubai
Easy Fit - Marina, Dubai
Easy Fit - Marina, Dubai
Easy Fit - Marina, Dubai
Easy Fit - Marina, Dubai
Easy Fit - Marina, Dubai

Easy Fit – Marina, Dubai

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About Us

Easy Fit EMS Dubai was designed as a safe and highly effective training solution offered to people who for various reasons can not spend much time in the gym.


EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. EMS fitness is an incredibly effective way to get results in a short period of time — just one 20-minute EMS training session per week is all you need to achieve your goals!

Did you know that EMS training is 18 times more effective than conventional fitness training? How is EMS so remarkable effective? Because in just 20 minutes, all of your muscles will simultaneously work! Therefore, whether you want to lose weight, gain strength and build muscles, reduce back pain or shape your body, Easy Fit EMS is the answer!


We pride ourselves by always using the latest technology and the best EMS machines. Therefore, we can constantly guarantee quality, fast and reliable fitness results in our exclusive and super comfortable gym studio in Dubai.

We are using the revolutionary EMS technology from the world market leader Miha Bodytec, built and designed in Germany. Well known and highly appreciated all over the world, Miha Bodytec devices won many important awards such as best Product of the Year (2014) and Most Innovative Brand (2014).


Easy Fit is a high-end gym studio in Dubai, where the innovative technology, high quality equipments and services are perfectly combined with the professionalism of our certified EMS personal trainers.

Moreover, in addition to EMS training, Easy Fit offers individualized nutrition programs, specifically designed for each client to achieve the desired results faster.

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Guests arrive at Easy Fit EMS training by appointment. The training lasts 20 minutes in total, out of which 20 minutes consists of continuous muscle work that is completed with static and dynamic exercises. The first training, the so-called “TRIAL SESSION ” is designed to check the guest’s physical condition, load bearing capacity and to get information on previous sports activities and any joint or other health problems to which attention should be paid throughout all further training sessions.

Guests put on a clean, hygienic cotton suit for the training; the electrode vest, arm, leg and bottom electrodes go onto it. dressing only takes 1-2 minutes and personal trainers place the electrode clothing in such a way that it fits closely to the body everywhere.

Training starts with learning the basic position that must be always taken by the guest during the time of impulses. the muscle contractor lasts for 4 seconds, which is followed by a resting period of the same length. guests start to feel the pace after one or two tracts and they get used to and start to love the initial unusual experience of muscle contraction soon.

Training exercises are put together for the guests individually; the personal trainer continuously shows the movements in advance and corrects them. After the training we offer high biological value, tasty protein shakes to our guests and we agree on the next appointment that can only take place after a resting period of three days – four days.

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