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With a rapid lifestyle in the urban hub, when you have a little time for yourself and neither physical nor mental power at the end of the day to hit your training, EMS Fitness could be the best solution due to the numerous benefits it offers.

EMS Fitness allows you to complete your weekly training in just 20 minutes with various objectives set. You can lose weight, tone up, reshape, sculpt your body, burn fat, get rid of cellulite and a lot more (simply forget hours of conventional training sessions loading stress on your joints and muscles).

According to the studies of German Scientist (Wolfgang Kemmler) and his colleagues, EMS training proved to be more effective than HIIT training for various goals (improving strength and body composition).

This gives you the great benefit of saving at least couple of hours of the training and invest that saved time in the activities you enjoy.

But, how it provides such fast results? During EMS training, the muscle contracts more (150 times more) than in the classic training. For instance, in the conventional training we can activate 52-76% of our muscles, and whereas in EMS training it is about 92% of overall body muscles simultaneously.

EMS training in the combination with the various training techniques could be the best solution to improve not only strength, but also mobility, stability and endurance. (We tested it here at Body Design EMS Fitness Dubai).

Electric Impulses sent to the muscles create the same contraction as if we are contracting our muscles in the natural way. Those impulses then sent to the CNS (Central Nervous System) allowing electrical impulses to be directed to the desired body part or muscle.

This results in greater effect in athletic training, bodybuilding and rehab training. Hence EMS training requires less to no weight resistance during workout, no stress and damage is placed on tendons and joints. Safe training secured. Moreover, it allows your body to regenerate and recover muscles rather than expending body energy to repair damaged tissues.

(Your health is the priority – Body Design EMS Fitness Dubai).

As mentioned above EMS training activates deep muscle tissues. Therefore, as it’s been shown in studies, it aids in reduction of cellulite. Increasing muscle mass, tighter connective tissues improvement leads to better circulation and skin tone. Simultaneously improving your metabolic processes and burning fat.

Also, here at Body Design EMS fitness Dubai, we Customize each training according to the individual so they can get the desired results faster. Along with training, we do modify their nutrition because this is the most important part of their fitness journey.

If you are tired of dozens of hours spent on conventional training with less to no results, and frustrated by not seeing any results, Body Design EMS Fitness Dubai is the best solution for you to save your time so you can achieve, maintain and succeed with great fitness results faster.

Body Design EMS Fitness Dubai training session takes only 20 minutes and activates almost 92% of overall body muscles which equals to 4-6 hours of conventional training. Thus, you only need 20 minutes a week to tone up, reshape, lose weight, tighten your skin and get rid of cellulite so you can enjoy the time with your family and friends on the activities you like.

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