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LiveFit Wellness is a team of fitness professionals who discovered EMS training as a revolutionary way of getting our clients goals faster no matter what the goal is be it weight loss, muscle building or boosting their performance (athletes)

EMS Technology is an amazing breakthrough for fitness. By using the most advanced  wireless German Technology EMS System, Vision Body, we were able to incorporate exercise programs with the POWERSUIT with no restraint in movement.

The EMS System targets muscle contractions which makes it 18x more effective than a conventional gym workout. This way, you build more muscles and burn more fats. We guarantee that you will see results FASTER!

EMS Programs

1.Fat- burning / Weight- Loss 2.Strength 3.Endurance / Athletic Training 4.Anti- Cellulite 5.Sparring for beginner & Pro ( boxing/kick-boxing) 6. Cool-down 7. Massage 8.Rehab Training

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⚡️ Single Sessions Cost: 250.0AED


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