About Us

Our Story

We started in 2018, primed on helping as many people improve their health both physically and mentally without the challenges of finance, budget, location.

From an initial idea to now a well-trusted platform, powered by a community, MYFITAPE has become a connector of fitness across the UAE leveraging technology to connect people to great fitness brands and professionals.

MYFITAPE is the UAE’s first company to provide insurance for bookings whilst allowing payments to be split into instalment payments for their services. 

Leading through technology, MYFITAPE is the first 360 vertical platform that offers bookings Online, IOS & Android Apps. 

Through the trust of customers, MYFITAPE has also developed an eco-system that has earned the trust of the UAE fitness community to become the ‘go-to’ place to understand more about brands and professionals.

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Who We Are

We’re a UAE based health and fitness marketplace, that helps connect you to your next Personal Trainer, Gym, EMS Centre or Class in 1-click. 

We work with fitness partners across the UAE to provide you with a pool of fitness brands/partners to choose from that suits your budget, location and timings. Allowing you to save endless time searching and more time working out.


Our Business Disciplines


Delivering a services that respects and leads with honesty, trust and truth not just a sale.


Establishing an eco-system that users can rely on for data to make informed decisions.


An eco-system that is built on fortified security and advanced technology to keep users safe.

Balance & Equity

Create an 'even playing field' for opportunities, partners and users to fair policies and business.


A Centrepoint in delivering value to the marketplace through content and knowledge.


Innovative finance solutions to partners and users through credible financiers.

We're Digital.

We’re a digital platform that has no physical gym, no hired personal fitness professional and no physical presence aside from our head office based in Dubai. Everything is booked online!


With no physical presence, we still connect over 10,000 people yearly  to over 100+ fitness brands whether they’re using mobile phones or a website.


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the the most trusted ‘go-to’ place for fitness for 1 Million people. Leveraging technology to search, compare and buy fitness seamlessly for the next 100 years. 



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