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Want to be a MYFITAPE Influencer?

The MYFITAPE Influencer program is an easy way to monetise your website, blog, social media or any other online content. We can offer you an opportunity to be a part of our industry leading affiliate programme.

We offer commissions as high as 8% commission on all sales that you drive to the website. You will also benefit from exclusive affiliate promotions, an in-house affiliate team to respond to requests, including 30 days cookies and regular commission payments!

We'll Support you along the way!

With a personal touch, we are always available to talk and discuss any relevant topics regarding affiliation to help you get the most out of it.

We can also provide you access to tips and content to enhance your content to help drive visitors and ultimately drive conversions to start you earning.

We also welcome and encourage you to take creativity in developing new ideas for promotions to run exclusively on your sites.

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Apply now!

We want to lock arms and partner with the best people in the fitness space whilst introducing more customer to our great brand – we look forward to working with you! 

Please ensure you fulfil the conditions found here before applying.

Affiliate partnership not for you? For a full list of ways to work with us, click here.


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