Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers – Look out for these Factors

So you’re may be looking to make a change to your body and mind and maybe finding a personal trainer is exactly what you need. You’re likely to be living in Abu Dhabi and this article will nail all your questions about finding the perfect trainer.

Let’s find out why select trainers in Abu Dhabi and what to look out for, stay reading this is interesting.


Most personal Trainers in Abu Dhabi are able to move around. You’ll soon realize that trainers are committed to providing a quality service so depending on the personal trainer they’ll usually be able to come to you, although some may add an additional charge depending on how far you’re located.

Although, most are happy to travel to you; it’s a huge benefit in having the trainer come to you as it saves you time and allows you to work out at your preferred location. Whether that is your gym, local park or even at home. This is a big factor for some when deciding and should be something to consider.

One way to find out if they’re able to travel is by asking. On MYFITAPE, we have a direct messaging feature where you can message personal Trainers in real time and get a response almost instantly.

Location is also important if you have work and have a limited time so something to factor in for your next choice.


There are many Personal Trainers in Abu Dhabi but one obvious decision factor is the experience. Experienced Personal Trainers bring more value and can even achieve results quicker. Due to their on-going growth in client list and results they can show you the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’t’.

Best trainers can help eliminate common factors that many people make during their fitness journey. One of them is diet, which we will discuss in another post. For now, just know you want to look for one with experience but with experience comes to value and with value comes a price.

The more experience an Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer has the more they can charge. Prices usually starts from 200AED and on onwards per session for the more experienced personal trainers but if you want special rates it’s best to take a package with a Personal Trainer rather than just a session. In fact, a one-off session is best if you wish to see if the trainer is for you and then request a personalized package.

Experience can also be broken down further, each Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi provides different experiences, some focus on weight loss, some focus on strength training, some focus on endurance and so it’s important to configure from the start what you want to achieve as this helps pinpoint your ideal trainer. If you’re looking to lose weight, you want to find a trainer that has helped people shed weight rather than one who focuses on endurance.

Results Validity

We promote positivity on our platform, trust, and confidence for both customers and vendors. Which is why we have a review system, our review system helps provide accurate and real testimonials including results that customers can share another reason why many use our platform.

Commonly, most trainers without asking will share their testimonials and ‘results portfolio’ when discussing their experience anyway.


You won’t know what to do if there is a lack of communication. Your ideal trainer will have a good level of communication so that you focus on your workouts rather than on understanding what is being said. It’s recommended to select a personal trainer that speaks the language you prefer so communication is clear, especially if you’re hiring one.

Communication is a key criterion for working out on misunderstood instructions is not productive but can also lead to injury. So do consider this factor.

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers usually have a good grasp of the English language so there shouldn’t be any communication barriers, in fact, it hosts one of the best trainers in the UAE.


We left the best until last. Majority of challenges is getting the price right and one that meets your budget. It’s understandable that not everyone can hire the most experienced Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers but we will show you some quick tips to get the best pricing.

Realistic Budget – Know the UAE Market

Firstly, align your budget with a realistic budget. Majority of personal trainer prices usually start at 150AED, it’s not cheap but it’s money well invested in your health and happiness.  This avoids disappointment that many faces, it perhaps is one of the biggest deterrents that people meet when looking for a trainer.

Remember personal trainers are experienced, have in-depth knowledge and bring value to improve your health and well-being with a track record and it comes with a modest investment. There are costs that trainers will incur many of them such as travel costs, time to travel and also equipment which they bring to the session which is also included in the price. These factors help raise awareness of the value that each session provides especially the results.

Get a Package

Most trainers can provide you with a major discount when you take sessions in bulk as an incentive. For example, if a single session costs 250AED then expect that if you take 10 sessions then the price can potentially be rescued to 100-150AED that’s more than up to 50% per session.

With packages prices are usually paid in advance and actually works out cheaper for the client. It’s been known that regular client receives special discounts and packages so make sure you stick it through with your program.

We hope you have a better understanding of the market in Abu Dhabi. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance.

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