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How Do You Get Personal Trainer Job in Dubai?

  • How to Get Personal Trainer Jobs in DUbai
Update - Please note that this Blog is about Securing a Personal Trainer job in Dubai, not for becoming self-employed or starting a business.
Are you looking to find a Job as a Personal Trainer in Dubai? Yes? Keep reading.

You may be living outside in the UAE a qualified trainer eager to secure a job, you may also be nearly qualified and looking for the best way to secure a personal trainer job in Dubai or maybe you’re looking to secure a new personal trainer job in Dubai. Today, we will be looking at the key jobs in Dubai for personal trainers, what is required of you, types of jobs in the market and also the currently paid grade available for each. Make sure to read to the end, it’s very interesting to see what we have for you.

Why become a Personal Trainer in Dubai?

For qualified personal trainers in Dubai, who have secured jobs and love fitness, it actually can be a dream job and provide you with the perfect career. Considering that the global fitness market alone is predicted to be worth a staggering AED 45 billion by 2021. Also, with the higher disposable income and high demand for people to become fit, becoming a personal trainer in Dubai could be the ideal job but why should you consider becoming one in this marvellous city? Take a look at our article on the Benefits of a Personal Trainers in Dubai.

Here’s a snippet video that explains why some have decided to become a Personal Trainer in Dubai.

What Qualifications Do You Actually Need to get a Job?

You will require more than a 6 pack, in fact, you will need an official qualification to be able to be hired by a company as a Dubai Personal Trainer. To get started, you will first need an entry-level qualification which is the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. This qualification will provide you with the knowledge and skills to work with fitness clients on a 1-1 basis in a gym or as a freelance personal trainer.

How long does this qualification actually take?

This is typically a part-time course which runs over a number of weekends and is followed up with a case study and exams. Since it’s a part-time course,  it usually runs on weekends which means that you can still work your current job, to not burden you with financial pressure as you’re becoming qualified.

Make sure that the course you take in your native country is recognised in the UAE and in which every country you aim to start your career in.

Register with REPs UAE – It’s a Must from Personal Trainer Employers!

Once you’ve got a fitness qualification, you will need to apply to become a member of the UAE’s Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs UAE). REPS is a public register listing all fitness professionals in Dubai who hold approved qualifications. This is a mandatory procedure in order to find a personal trainer job in Dubai and will be requested by the employer.

Different Personal Training Jobs Types in Dubai

Personal Trainer jobs in Dubai are not only available at Gyms. Here is a summary of the different types of personal trainer jobs available:

  • Gym Personal Trainer Jobs
  • Hotel Personal Trainer Jobs
  • Spa Personal Trainer Jobs
  • Health Centre Personal Trainer Jobs

Although some jobs mentioned above overlap, they are nevertheless independent. When you think of personal trainer jobs in Dubai, most would assume or think that the gym is the abode of this career. Dubai being a dynamic city and providing a variety of different health and fitness services allows the profession to expand into other sectors. For example, some Spas as part of their retreat or treatment provide personal training session workout to their clients and in order to do so, they would need to hire a personal trainer full-time.

Gym Personal Trainer Jobs in Dubai

These jobs typically are the most commonly sought out openings for those looking to be hired but it’s one with the most amount of competition on the market. Everyone is rooting for new job postings on the gym’s website and sending emails but do note that they perhaps receive daily requests. Nevertheless, being a competitive job doesn’t mean there is no opportunity, in fact, quite the opposite since Dubai has new gyms opening every week and are always in search for fresh personal trainers to be hired.

Hotel Personal Trainer Jobs in Dubai

Yes, Hotels do hire full-time personal trainers for the top end ranged hotel chains. It’s an additional service and sometimes included with rooms in Dubai when booking the hotel. Hotels have less client opportunity than a gym but securing a job can be as easy if not easier at times so long as you have the qualification and experience. Usually, Hotels will typically look for one of 2 things. A personal trainer to be present or the well-experienced trainer depending on how luxurious the hotel is.

Spa Personal Trainer Jobs

Spas do provide Dubai with personal trainer opportunities, they are growing in number throughout Dubai and part of their competitive edge is to include Personal Trainers as part of a package. Please do note that some do not offer full-time vacancies and may alternatively provide a part-time basis or per session basis.

Health Centre Personal Trainer Jobs

In Dubai, you will find a dynamic availability of Health centres and inclusive of their services is a health programme to which a personal training job will need to be filled. These are not as common but do exist as a job opening and worth looking into as part of your search for your job.

Personal Trainer in Dubai – Job Salary Analysis

How Much Do You Get Paid as a Personal Trainer in Dubai?

The big question that most those looking to secure one and although it does vary from job to job, we will first discuss a few things to note so you can have a more realistic understanding of how pricing works.


The more experience you have the more demand you will be especially if you have a track record to showcase when being hired. Usually, the more experienced personal trainers tend to be offered a higher salary similar to other industries. Experience refers to not only working at a top branded gym but also the list of clients that you have served over the years.


You can be a great personal trainer but communicating instructions is an imperative part of securing a personal trainer job in Dubai. The city is cosmopolitan, which means, that you will find people from different countries, languages and ways of communicating all in one city. Employers are more eager to hire a personal trainer that can speak more than one language. For example, if you have a good command of the English language and Arabic it tends to help as employers one personal trainer that can service more than one category of personal trainers. Additionally, some clients prefer to speak in their native tongue and this could prove to be a huge advantage.


If your employer offers you additional benefits such as housing or an allowance perhaps even a car, this can adjust the salary that is offered to you.

Full-Time Salary

You can expect that a full-time personal trainer job in Dubai can be between 7,000-15,000AED. This is a ball-mark number that we use based on the availabilities we have come across in the marketplace. The more experience the higher end of the bracket you can demand. Also, this also depends on the job responsibilities, Managers typically get paid more than common personal trainers as they carry more responsibilities.

Part-Time Salary

Part-time personal trainers jobs can pay between 4,000AED-7,000AED depending on your experience. This is ideal if you wish to build both a career and work independently. Although, personal trainers in Dubai tend to work the weekends with additional clients.


We hope this article helps you learn more about securing a personal trainer job in Dubai, it outlines some challenges and points to the information you should be aware of in your job search. Keeping your options is always a plus, we help personal trainers gain new clients by uploading their profile on our website and they get booked online. It’s the ideal combination when looking to secure new clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

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