Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018 – What to Do?

It’s back again! We’re very looking forward to the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018 and it’s perhaps one of the best initiatives in the region. The Dubai Fitness Challange encourages the Dubai residents to work out for 30 minutes for 30 days consecutively, aimed at making Dubai the most active city.

Last year, this event pulled in the masses with a great turn out with amazing results and this year it’s back and we will share some tips that we learned from last year that will help fast track you to making the most of this 30-day event.

  1. Download the Dubai Fitness App

This year we have access to an App which allows you to track your fitness. You can simply sign up with your preferred social media or register manually. The app allows you to track your activity and keep track of how active you’re. This App will also provide you with updates of events and the locations available near you. Make use of the App and stay focused.

2. Plan your Timing

Ensure you plan the best time for you to participate, there are several events around the city which will allow you to stay pumped but the best practice is to know your events you’re looking to participate and plan accordingly. Ensure you get to the locations in advance, ideally 25 minutes to allow you to find parking and be there on time.

3. Stay consistent

The challenge is designed to help you get fit and so being consistent is key to make the most of this event. Plan which events you will be attending in advance to ensure you have a schedule and book yourself in with all the events you wish to attend. Consistency is the key to making the most out of the Dubai fitness challenge.

4. Invite Family or Friends

Take advantage of the super initiative by inviting your friends and family to take part. It’s a great opportunity to have workout partners to make the event even more enjoyable and fun. The more people the better these events can be, especially if this is your first year trying it out.

5. Stay Hydrated

Ensure you bring some water to keep yourself hydrated during your sessions. These sessions are designed to make you sweat and although it’s October, it can be relatively warm. Bring enough water to keep you hydrated, it will definitely come in hand.

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