Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018

The Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018

Learn about the Dubai Fitness Challanege for 2018. What it is, how to get involved and what you have to do in 2018. The perfect way to make 2018 a healthier one. It was launched in 2017 for 30 days and here is a video to showcase what it was about. Would you be ready for Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018?

Dubai Fitness Challenge is commencing between 19th October - 17th November. - 2018.09.17

Last year in 2017 between  20 October – 18 November, for 30 days Dubai collectively worked to make Dubai the world’s healthiest and active city. The challenge was created on October 2, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, announced the challenge aimed to make Dubai one of the world’s healthiest cities. We will first look through the core practicality of the challenge and find out if we can expect the same challenge this year in 2018.

Picture of HH Crown Prince of Dubai along with other brave participants of the Dubai Challenge 2017

Picture of HH Crown Prince of Dubai along with other brave participants of the Dubai Challenge 2017


How Does it Work?

Each day last year, Dubai residents were encouraged to motivate each other and pursue a 30-minute challenge to get active and exercise. Throughout the city, there was a variety of public workout sessions scattered throughout the city for free of charge. It is an unprecedented and never seen initiative in the United Arab Emirates and has created a wave of motivation throughout the Emirates to get fit and take initiative to improving citizens’ well being.

Here are a few images of residents embracing the challenge in 2017:

  • Safa-Park_Football
  • Safa-Park_Rio-Ferdinand
  • Safa-Park_Sharmila-Dance
  • Safa-Park_Sheikh-Hamdan
  • 23333978_864626023719005_560856307664283094_o


How to Register?

Last year the registration process was very simple. You would have needed to visit the Dubai Fitness Challenge website and fill in your details. You have the option to join as an individual or as a group. Either way, the event was free and could be a highly rewarding challenge for your overall health and fitness levels.

How to register for Dubai challenge 2018 infographic


What’s the reason this initiative started?

One key reason is the high levels of obesity that have become a huge public health concern in the UAE and the other is also obesity. With a simple change in lifestyle, this can easily be reversed.

The International Diabetes Federation reported that 1  in 5 – or nearly 19.3% – of the UAE population is diabetic.  Furthermore, nearly 40% of pre-diabetic and a large number undiagnosed. Therefore, this challenge is one that can assist in reversing the effects.


Will the Dubai Fitness Challenge happen in 2018?

There is currently speculation that this 2018 around the same time, we can expect to find Dubai participating in the Fitness challenge again, although there are no official announcements from the respected bodies or organizations. We can expect to hear closer to the time, but, it only makes logical sense that it would likely happen again this year because the challenge is aimed at the overall health of the citizens, such a challenge would be more effective if it occurred consecutively. With this thesis, we can make a guess to suggest that towards the end of the year when it is likely cooler a Dubai Fitness challenge would be around the corner.

With such a great turn out last year and the results floating around on Social Media, it seems that many residents flourished in happiness with their results over the 30 days challenge. Therefore, we can appreciate the fact that on a scale of probability, it’s most likely to occur this year and we would love to be running alongside our fellow residents in the UAE. One of the best ways to stay up to date is to follow the Dubai Fitness Challange social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram




We are keen to hear if you would likely join the initiative in 2018? Here are some final clips from their Instagram page that we like.

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