How to Become a Personal Trainer in the UAE

The Health and fitness industry in the UAE is enormous – but unregulated. With an epic industry value of $360 million last year, starting out as a personal trainer in a highly competitive field can be daunting. There are many unqualified and inexperienced trainers, however, if you take the time to properly establish yourself in this new career both legally and professionally, you will definitely be able to distinguish yourself from. You can truly build yourself a thriving, profitable business. Below, we have laid out a simple step by step guide on how to do just that.


1. Get the Correct Qualifications.

The entry-level qualification is the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. This is your golden token to working with clients on a one-to-one basis. This can be achieved either in the gym or as a freelance personal trainer and is usually a part-time course that is followed up with case studies and exams.

What if I did my qualifications outside the UAE?

Qualifications obtained in a ICREP country with a fitness register will be accepted. Qualifications obtained from other countries will only be accepted if they meet all of the UAE Fitness Standards.

What is ICREPs?

ICEPs is the International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals and it is the global body for REPs registers around the globe. Countries that are part of this confederation include: UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, UAE, Ireland, Canada and United States.


2. Register with REPs UAE

Once you have acquired your diploma, you must apply to become a member of the UAE’s Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs UAE). The Dubai Sports Council stated that it is mandatory to obtain a REPs membership for all fitness professionals.

How do I register?

Submit your qualifications, fitness CV and any other additional documents to Reps UAE with a AED420 (VAT incl.) annual fee. If everything you have submitted matches their requirements, you will be given full membership. However, if you do not match their requirements, you will be given a provisional membership. A provision membership grants you 12 months to qualify or convert your qualification.

How do I convert a provisional membership to a full REPs membership?

You will need to pass one of the REPs’ UAE approved entry examinations and the the most popular way to accomplish this is to take the Level 2 Gym Instructor or Level 3 Personal Trainer courses. These lead to the YMCA Awards assessment.

How long will it take to process my application?

Qualifications that meet the UAE’s public qualifications list will take between 1 to 4 working days, but applications that are sent with “other” or “not listed qualifications” can take up to 1 month.

3. Experience

Once you have obtained your diploma and successfully registered with REPs UAE, it will be time to get your first client! As a personal trainer, you’ll need to gain experience. The best way to do this is by working with real clients… and this is where we come in! We have a network of customers that are in need of personal trainers. An additional option is working in a big brand gym, which brings us onto our next point…


4. Get a Personal Training Job in a Gym

Gyms are a great way to gain access to clientele, and you can learn from other colleagues who have been working in this field for a while. Having the correct qualifications puts you in a huge advantage when searching for personal trainer jobs in the UAE.  But, the biggest challenge is finding out about the job opportunities, so be sure to have a close eye for job openings.

What are the best job portal sites for job seeking?

Though there many job sites, here are 6 sites that are the most popular and successful when it comes to job hunting in the UAE. They include: Bayt, Monster Gulf, Gulf Talent, Naukri Gulf, Dubizzle and CareerJet Dubai.


4. Start an Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social network for the fitness industry. It is therefore a key tool when it comes to making new clients and networking. There are numerous free online tutorials that can help you build an Instagram page that appeals to your ideal audience and score you in a few clients.

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