What the World Would Be Like If “MYFITAPE” Didn’t Exist

Everybody wants to get fit and perfect body shape. But generally due to lack of information people don’t know how to get fit along with perfect body shape.

Do you want to get fit this year but the problem is don’t know how and where to start?

If this is the reason you are not taking a step towards your fitness then you don’t need to worry, MYFITAPE has a perfect solution for you where you can discover, compare the best personal trainer and book immediately.

Yes, what you have heard is 100% true. MYFITAPE is a local search engine and marketplace which allow customers to search, compare and instantly book all kind of health and fitness services.

MYFITAPE is an axis of health and fitness services where you can search, compare and instantly book any kind of health and fitness service. With MYFITAPE you can search best personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah including Yoga classes in Dubai, Best Pilates schooling academies in Dubai and many more.

Why Personal Trainer is the Only Skill You Really Need.

Generally, we heard from health experts and elders that exercises are good for health and it is very true there is no doubt in it.

But do you know workout with lack of information, guidance and without expert’s supervision can cause chronic health or muscles injuries?

MYFITAPE not only allows you to search the personal trainer but also you can compare in between the best and then instantly book with a single click of your fingertip.


As all of us know that performing anything without knowing about it can be dangerous. If we hire a personal trainer no doubt he/she will teach us in a proper manner.

Now the question arises what are the extra benefits of training under a professional personal trainer?

Well, it is a very intelligent question if it is striking in your mind. Personal training is fruitful for you in a number of ways.


Workout in the supervision of the trainer will help you in achieving multiple goals like fat loss and muscle gain because trainers are aware of proper exercises.


The most common goal of the workout is fat loss and muscle gain well it is hard to find the optimized balance between these two, but a personal trainer can help you find the suitable training to attain all of your goals.


A personal trainer will educate you the correct posture and technique during your workout so that you can stay safe and injury-free.

Pilates schooling: Ultimate Solution to Low back pain & improper balance in elderly people.

Low back pain (LBP) is a very common problem among people, it targets muscles, nerves and bones of the back along with the cases of the improper balance in elderly people are also increasing day by day.

So what is the reason behind it or what can we do to maintain our health in this unhealthy era?

In the early 20th century, a physical fitness system was developed by Joseph Pilates which targets low back pain and improves body balance in elderly people, known as Pilates.

MYFITAPE offer you to search, compare and book the best Pilates academy in Dubai.

The Evolution of Ladies Only Gym Dubai.

There are numerous workouts for women fitness which need a commodious place to perform an all female environment. For an instance Assisted Handstand, Aerobics, Headstand or Tripod, Side Plank etc. These kinds of workouts are especially for ladies and these exercises required commodious space and all female environments for comfort.

MYFITAPE offers you to find an exclusive Ladies only health club in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Now you can easily find a commodious place for the workout in an all-female environment. MYFITAPE is a marvelous marketplace where you can search, book and compare a variety of options.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Yoga?

Yoga is not a religion, it is the art of living that aims towards ‘a vigorous mind in a robust body’. Yoga is very helpful in reducing stress, increases self-awareness and enhances personal power.

Yoga works like a panacea as its postures help in maintaining physical, mental stability. MYFITAPE helps you in search and book the best Yoga classes in Dubai near you.

The Conclusion:

MYFITAPE is a hub of health and fitness services where you can find compare and book immediately the best personal trainers in Dubai. Along with this, you can also book Yoga classes, Martial arts coaching, Pilates schooling, Swimming training and many more.

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