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10 Effective Ways to Burn 100 Calories without Gym

Table of Contents


With a rise in fitness popularity, it seems everyone is looking for the best ways to burn calories. Though gyms and fitness studios are the best venues to get your sweat on, people look for ways to burn calories without going to the gym. Well, there is no need to join a fitness center for weight loss. You can burn 100 calories without gym equipment.

You can practice some of the best ways to burn 100 calories outside the gym. A few mini sessions and fun ways can help you lose weight by keeping your schedule on track.

Generally, the workouts to burn 100 calories take a few minutes, but some may take a bit longer. But you will not have to change into workout gear, drive to the fitness center, or take a shower afterward. You can easily insert them into your existing workout routines. You can choose activities according to your time, availability, and body needs. There are thousands of ways to accomplish this goal of getting moving.

The amount of calories you burn depends on your:

  • Weight
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Body composition

And More!

Effective Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Intake of calories can affect your fitness as it results in fat deposition. However, you can burn these calories to be healthy and fit. You can involve yourself in various physical activities that impact your mental health positively.

Here are effective ways to burn 100 calories to maintain your fitness:


Climb Stairs


Whether you are at work, at home, or in a hotel, there is always a staircase nearby. Walking these stairs for at least 10 minutes will burn your excessive calories. Additionally, it will help you build strong and sexy legs.

A controlled study indicates that climbing stairs are beneficial for the reduction of diseases in females. Climbing stairs and walking downstairs shape your muscles in the lower body.


Run or Mile


You might have heard that running a mile is equal to burning 100 calories. Though it is not accurate, it helps keep your body lean. Typically, running has a couple of advantages over other gym activities as it can be done anywhere.

If you want to burn more calories, you can try more vigorous running, which can burn more calories than moderate-intensity exercise. According to fitness experts, running burns double the calories as compared to moderate-intensity exercise.

Run a mile or 10-minutes a day to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases!


Walk & Talk


Another practical yet simple way to burn 100 calories is to walk and talk. During the walk, you can take your phone calls easily. Whether in the office or home, attend to your business by pacing around.

Generally, a 15-minutes phone call twice a day can burn 100 calories. You can use a fitness tracker to track your steps during the call. Walking, the most accessible exercise, will improve your overall health and raise energy expenditure.

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Go for a Swim


You might have noticed that swimming is popular among rehabilitation communities. Swimming and other water-based aerobic activities help increase strength and burn calories. Many fitness enthusiasts indulge in swimming in their fitness routine as it helps decrease body fats. Moreover, it improves flexibility & cardiovascular endurance.

Go for a swim of 10-15 minutes to burn 100 calories!


Stretch & Relax


Despite running and swimming, you can burn 100 calories a day by stretching. Stretching or yoga for 30-minutes will improve your posture and overall appearance.

Some other advantages of stretchings include:

  • Decrease stress
  • Improve the motion of your joints
  • Improve the quality of your sleep

Stand Up


Would you like to burn 10-extra calories after every 10 minutes? Despite sitting on your chair, stand up to deal with your worker to burn calories. You can ask your co-workers to arrange a meeting at a standing location.

Also, you can take the meeting on the road to solve workplace problems. Some other practical ways to stand up and burn calories include:

  • Watching tv
  • Reading newspaper

Jump Rope


One of the best cardiovascular exercises to practice to burn calories is a jumping rope. If you like to burn 100 calories fast, opt for a jumping rope. Aside from calories burned, it will improve your coordination and build the strength of your lower legs.

Jumping 7-minutes a day will help you shed extra pounds. Keep a rope handy at your home and car to jump anywhere you want.

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Get Active


Your inactive and sedentary lifestyle can lead you to several diseases. Whether you are at home, at work, or at a dance party, be active and burn calories.

Thirty minutes of casual dancing burns about 165 calories. Playing more active games with kids or grandkids can also burn calories. Try hula hooping, hide-and-seek, or passing a balloon or beach ball without letting it touch the ground.

You can practice the most popular exercise class ZUMBA, which can burn 6-7 calories per minute. Zumba is a traditional dance that promotes better health.


Take a Hike


Lace up your hiking shoes and head for the hills to burn 100 calories. It is one of the ultimate exercises that can shed extra pounds. Despite running, walking, swimming, or any other activity, a 15-minute hike can make you active and fit.

Hiking on the uneven and unstable trail makes your leg muscles firmer. It strengthens your core muscles to make them stabilize. If you don’t have a hiking trail nearby, go for 20 minutes for a brisk walk to burn 100 calories.




Gardening is the most natural and healthy way to keep the body lean and active. Gardening burns about 100 calories for every 25 minutes that you spend digging, weeding, and planting. The bonus is that you enjoy the outdoors beautiful garden and maybe even grow a few healthy vegetables.

The Takeaway

It is crucial to understand that calories burned are as essential as calorie intake. When you do not feed your body with healthy nutrients, your energy level falls resulting in weight gain. Similarly, when you don’t burn calories, you gain weight which is harmful to your health.

We have enlisted some primary and practice ways to burn 100 calories; try them!

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