In the recent pandemic, we have decided to take initiative to join the fight to combat the pandemic whilst also taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone who uses our platform. The measures taken applys to both customers and partners to ensure that health, fitness and the wellbeing of everyone is a priority whilst we continue with our lives. Additionally, all these measure are aimed to be in complete alignment with the UAE Government guidelines, Dubai Sports Council and all the respected Government entities.

2 Metres Distancing

All clients and partners must keep a safe distance of 2 metres as a minimum in all classes and activities.

Wear Masks Always

Masks must be adhered to and worn all the time without exceptions.

Bring Your Own Equipment

Ensure that you bring your own equipment and all equipment is sanitized.

No Gatherings or Groups

Adhere to the accepted level of gatherings. Not permitted to have gatherings of more than 5.

Hand Sanitiser

Before and after classes, please ensure you Sanitize your hands and clothing where necessary.

Feeling Unwell?

Please cancel any booking or reschedule any if you feel unwell. Reach out to customer service for further assistance.

Greet Safely

It's imperative that when meeting partners and others to not shake hands but use the correct hand gestures to greet.

Be Responsible

We take as much measures as possible but ultimately we both partners and customers to work with us to help adhere to guidelines.


One of the advantage of using our platform is that we eliminate any contact to booking your fitness and provide you a platform that allows you to interact, engage and book with a few clicks. 


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