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Are you a personal trainer looking to move to Dubai? Maybe you’re already here and want to find out the best way to secure Dubai Personal Trainer jobs. In this article, we outline what it takes to find a job, the challenges and what you actually need to do step by step.

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Take a look at our 7 Step infographic to helping you achieve a Dubai Personal Trainer Job.

What the current Job Market looks like in Dubai for Personal Trainers.

The current market in Dubai has changed drastically since 2021, more people have become more aware and cautious of their health. There has been an underpinning demand for this role both as a freelancer and a full-time job. In this blog, we analyse the challenges and dynamics to finding a job as a personal trainer.

What to expect when Applying for a Dubai Personal Trainer Job?

With the personal trainer industry being ripe and many qualified trainers, the responsiveness and time to get a job can vary and may take some time. It’s very common to apply many times and not get a response, whilst also being called in for interviews and still not be offered a job.

However, there are some positive outcomes, when applying and done correctly many personal instructors get the jobs they desired.

What’s Included in the Dubai Personal Trainer Job Package?

The basic standard across all jobs include a basic, usually commission structure and sometimes some additional company bonuses. However, the packages that are offered between working full-time as a Hotel Gym Personal Trainer vs a Commercial Gym Personal Trainer are different.

Gym (Commercial) Personal Trainers Job Package

Personal Trainer – Gym (Commercial) Salary

Most personal trainers working at Gyms include benefits of a basic salary, commission structure and additional company benefits such as company cars (not all). The average basic salary for a personal trainer varies from 4,000AED to 8,000AED per month plus commission.

Personal Trainer – Gym (Commercial) Commission

Different gyms offer a different commission structure, most common practice across gyms is that they give personal trainers a unique plan that usually pays trainers to offer unique workout plans for gym clients. For example, for every package that a client pays for the personal trainer can expect to receive 15% – 25%.

Hotel Gym Personal Trainer Job Packages

Personal Trainer – Hotel Salary

Trainers working at Hotels are quite different from Personal Trainers at Gyms. The footfall in a gym and demand for a personal trainer at a commercial gym is much higher than that of a hotel. So in turn, the salary is also reflected and so the average salary at the hotel gym is 3,000AED to 4,500AED. There are known Gym in Dubai to pay higher rates but these are usually at 5-star luxury Hotels.

Personal Trainer – Hotel Commission

It’s worth noting that some hotels work on a strictly commission basis only. However, many offer a basic plus commission. The commission would be negotiable prior to joining and the average take would be between 15-40% commission.

How to Apply for a Personal Trainer Job

Get your CV/Resume in Order

In order to start, you will need to have a well documented and clear CV/Resume. The resume will need to outline your qualifications, experience, most up-to-date contact details. Most businesses receive hundreds if not thousands of resumes per day so your resume needs to really stand out.

Your resume is your calling card, most recruitment companies, gyms and fitness centres focus on responding to those that place the effort on their resume.

What entails a good resume? One that is right to the point, it doesn’t clutter with too much information and the use of the right font. For example, having a standard Font of ‘Arial’ and the font size between 12-14 tends to work well.

Where to Apply for Dubai Personal Trainer Jobs?

Once your CV/Resume is ready it’s about getting it out to the right job sites and here are some suggested sites below:

The following links above provide a outline of some of the resources where jobs are posted by gyms and hotels.

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