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The Body Lab studio specializes in EMS training. This allows us to provide a full-time personal training service, which we consider to be the major factor in enabling you to reach your training goals in a faster and efficient way. Although the format of each session will vary, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect.



Your EMS training session starts with a pre-workout consultation with your personal trainer. You’ll discuss the structure of the session as well as any particular objectives you have or areas of the body you wish to focus on. This will also give you an opportunity to flag any injuries you might have so that your trainer can adapt the exercises accordingly.



After changing into specialized base layer clothing, your trainer will help you into the suit. The suit consists of a vest, shorts as well as arm and calf straps. The electrodes within the suit can all be individually adjusted for your body shape, in order to ensure an optimal fit.



Once you’re ready to go, your personal trainer will slowly raise the intensity of the electric impulses, keeping them low at the beginning while performing warm-up exercises with you.


The EMS training lasts 20 minutes and each session is different. We use all kinds of equipment but the majority of exercises are performed with your bodyweight only. The resistance you experience during your session will be much greater than with conventional training due to the effect of the electric impulses. This means that you can train with much lighter weights than you are accustomed to, and the training will still feel much more challenging and be much more effective than what you are used to.



The EMS training winds down with a special muscle relaxation programme as well as guided stretching exercises with the assistance of your trainer.

How Do I Book?
Booking with MYFITAPE is easy, booking is done in 3 simple steps:
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  3. Attend the Session & Review
You can read more here about how it works.
What if I Change My Mind?
We make the process simple and if you cannot make it then all you have to do is notify your fitness partner and contact them directly from their profile. You will have to be logged in to do this. You can reschedule the date/time or we can credit you the amount on to your account if you wish to select an alternative workout. The standard cancellation period is 24hrs prior to the session. 

How do I Reschedule?
If you cannot attend the booked class, then all you have to do is notify the personal trainer or coach to another available date via the direct messaging system. Partners are very helpful in this respect and will help you reschedule to a more suitable time.
I have a Question?
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Customer Booking Guarantee
We have a guarantee in place, although unlikely, it's a peace of mind when booking through our platform that any bookings are secured and are kept securely until you attend your session. You're safe when booking with us.
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If you need support, we have live chat support, email support and also you can contact us directly on 045132112. We're available from 8AM- 9PM 7 Days a weeks.

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EMS with The Body Lab

Starting at 99.0AED

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