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Exercise During Pregnancy: 7-Benefits & Types of Exercises


Table of Contents

Have you said goodbye to your swimming and running routine? Being pregnant does not mean skipping all the healthy activities. Several women ignore their physical routine and caper exercise during pregnancy. Regular exercise throughout your trimesters helps you reduce the risk of weight gain.

Moreover, workouts will help women to stay active mentally and physically during pregnancy. Though exercise results in the birth of a healthier newborn, only 40% of women exercise during pregnancy.

General guidelines before and after pregnancy are to work out moderately for at least 150 minutes. Some women skip exercise due to the length of the session. You can divide the time of your workout throughout the week.

Keep reading as we will share the importance of exercise during exercise!

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

You might have heard about the benefits of exercise for overall health. When pregnant, it is necessary to stay active and keep moving.

Here are some benefits that a workout can give you during the pregnancy:

Working out throughout your journey will improve your health. Whether you are performing a cardio or strengthening exercise, they boost your stamina and heart health. The improved heart health reinforces your blood vessels.

It will help you prep your body to tackle labor and delivery pain.


Everyone knows that women are susceptible to depression. Several research studies indicate that women suffer from anxiety and depression throughout pregnancy. Well, fret not if you are pregnant. You can boost your mood by involving yourself in exercises. Exercise help diminishes the effects of stress and anxiety to improve your mood.

Pregnant women suffer low-level tiredness during the first and third trimesters. It might be due to changes happening inside the body or excessive rest that make them feel pooped.

To fight fatigue, indulge in an easy walk or parental yoga class. It will boost your energy levels and help fight fatigue.

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Numerous pregnant women suffer a rise in blood pressure during pregnancy. High blood pressure is a warning sign as it is harmful to the fetus’s health.

Simple walking or cardio exercise during pregnancy can help you normalize high blood pressure.


Growing baby bump puts extra pressure on your lower half, which results in back pain and pelvic pain. If you want to get rid of achy pelvic and back pain, involve yourself in exercise. Exercise during pregnancy will strengthen your abs and lower back pain.

Exercise under the guidance of a professional trainer to avoid any injury!

One of the best benefits of exercise during pregnancy is that it lowers the odds of developing conditions like gastrointestinal diabetes. However, if you have diabetes before pregnancy, you can manage your insulin level by staying active.

Another benefit of exercise during pregnancy is that it boosts your healthy sleep. Pregnant ladies usually feel hard to fall asleep. Continuous exercise throughout your journey will help you sleep better.

Improve the quality of your sleep with exercise and wake up feeling more rested!

Types of Exercise to Stay Fit & Healthy

Hey Moms! Mild to moderate exercise will not negatively affect your unborn child. If you want to remain psychologically fit, it is better to perform aerobic exercise during pregnancy.

Some activities that are suitable for pregnant ladies include:

  • Brisk walking
  • Swimming
  • Indoor cycling
  • Parental yoga
  • Low impact aerobic exercises

Let us discuss these activities that can help you prepare for labor & delivery!


For pregnant ladies, it is best to start brisk walking by strolling around the neighborhood. Brisk walking offers several advantages, such as:

It improves cardiovascular workout with a low impact on the knees and ankles. Moreover, it is free as you can easily walk anywhere you want. Every pregnant lady can walk anytime, anywhere in the home and outside. Also, it is best to enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Be sure to choose a smooth surface, wear supportive footwear to prevent falls, and avoid other obstacles.

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Cycling on a stationary bike also called spinning, is safe for most women during pregnancy, including first-time exercisers.

Cycling exercise during pregnancy advantages include:

  • Cycling helps raise the heart rate while minimizing stress on the joints and pelvis.
  • The bike helps support body weight.
  • As the bike is stationary, the risk of falling is low.

Later in pregnancy, a higher handlebar may be more comfortable.


If you do not want to put pressure on your joints, perform swimming and walking in the water. No doubt, during pregnancy, you gain weight. You can manage your weight with the help of buoyancy.

Be sure to choose a comfortable stroke that does not hurt the shoulders, neck, and back muscles. Moreover, you can use a kickboard to strengthen your buttock and leg muscles.

Another simple yet beneficial exercise during pregnancy is parental yoga. Yoga improves the joint’s limber and maintains flexibility. Additionally, it can help with pain and stress management.

Some primary benefits of yoga include:

  • Maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Increase flexibility
  • Enhance relaxation
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Help women stay calm during pregnancy

In your third trimester, try to avoid those poses that may lead to overbalancing. When lying flat on the back, the weight of the bump can put pressure on major veins and arteries and decrease blood flow to the heart. This reduced blood flow can lead to faintness.

Women should also take care to avoid overstretching, as this could lead to injury.


One of the best exercises that can improve your strength during pregnancy is aerobic exercise. This all-time good exercise during pregnancy gives the following benefits:

  • Strengthen the heart and lungs
  • Help maintain muscle tone & balance
  • Limit stress on the joints

To perform all these exercises, you can join classes designed for pregnant women. It will be the best chance to meet with people of your taste and other pregnant women.

However, if you were performing regular aerobics before pregnancy, do not skip them. Speak with your instructor about your pregnancy and perform suitable movements.

Risks & Cautions

Though exercise keeps you strong and active throughout your pregnancy, it is necessary to consider its risks. Your body undergoes significant changes during pregnancy; therefore, precautions are necessary.

You can stay safe by:

  • Avoid overheating
  • Refrain high humidity
  • Avoid activities that increase the risk of abdominal trauma
  • Don’t exercise to the point of exhaustion

Exercise During Pregnancy – The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide will help you stay active and fit throughout your journey of pregnancy. Regular physical activity can boost the health of both the woman and the baby, and it may make pregnancy, labor, and post-delivery recovery calmer.

However, it is imperative to stay safe during exercise, so women should check with their doctor before making any changes as their pregnancy progresses.

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