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With many chains in Dubai, we will review some of the best Fitness First Gyms in Dubai and evaluate their pricing, facilities, hygiene, equipment to allow you, the customer, make an educated decision whether this gym is one to consider when deciding to start a gym membership. In this review, we will look at Fitness First’s Dubai – Burjuman branch where it has become one of the most popular branches over the years. It is very popular due to where it is located. It’s located in the heart of Al Karama, right inside of Burjuman Centre. Many customers find that its location is perhaps one of the biggest selling points, as they have access to shops, coffee shops and have free parking for a certain amount of hours.

Location of the Gym :

Fitness First Burjuman Centre, Level 3 – Click here for directions

Ladies-Only Area

This gym also provides a ladies-only facility, however, this is a small area only with not much facilities. They do include the steam room and sauna and also showers of course. The ladies section is very limited in terms of size so if you’re looking for the same gym facilities as the unisex, it’s not available at this branch. You’re better trying other Fitness First Branches like Al Barsha, where they offer much bigger women working area and more facilities. There are also female personal trainers available to assist you and with the ladies areas, although much smaller, they can also train you there.

Access to the Pool – Free Entry for Members

Access to the pool is included in the pricing, the swimming pool size around 75metres x 30metres with a total of 4 lanes and some chairs to rest on after your sessions. With the access to the pool, they do offer swimming sessions which have been 750AED for 10 sessions, this equates to 75AED per shared session. Please note that these will be shared classes and not private classes, private classes can be quoted by asking them gym directly.

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Fitness First Burjuman Opening Hours & Classes

Classes start as early as 9 AM and their opening times are from 6AM-11PM Sunday – Thursday and 7AM-9PM-Weekends and Holidays. Another benefit of the Fitness First chains in Dubai is that they offer classes complimentary as part of their memberships with more different varieties of classes. Their classes consist of Cycling, RPM, Body Pump, Hatha Yoga, Body Step, Circuit Training and much more. View Fitness First Burjuman’s timetable by clicking here.

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Pricing & Membership Costs

[wpsm_update date=”2018.07.09″ label=”Update”][/wpsm_update] Fitness First has a unique membership and each comes with its own benefits. Dubai’s Burjuman Fitness First Branch provides access to all their members’ unlimited access although they’re known to have other memberships available.

Registration Fee

With every gym, they usually request a membership start price which usually includes some items such as a bag, towels – essentially a welcome kit. Fitness First requires an introductory fee of 549AED in the first month followed by the membership fee which has to also be paid in the first month. When we spoke to the branch manager Ashid, he mentioned that they do offer free 2 personal trainer sessions, which is a current offer.

Monthly Cost

The monthly membership is 349AED per month and allows you to gain access to the gym.

Yearly Cost

The yearly cost is 4,188AED (349AED per month still), however, you will not need to be the 549AED introduction fee when joining. Overall, this gym is regarded as the popular branches of Fitness First. We would recommend you to take advantage of their trial days they have to see if the gym meets your requirements and whether the atmosphere is what you’re looking for. If you have any questions about the gym or have any feedback you can vote and share your experience below.

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