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So, What Should I Know?

With Fitness First Gym it’s a join one, join them all philosophy. When you join one, you have access to all of their branches in the Middle East and partnered clubs in internationally. This unique gym additionally introduces the latest innovation to the fitness industry, incorporating PurMotion, a Boxing ring and Swing Yoga.


  • Free Weights
  • Steam Room
  • Sauna
  • Boxing Ring
  • Gym
  • Group Exercise 
  • Mind and Body Studio
  • Classes


Fitness First offers a range of memberships to help accommodate the client’s needs so you can purchase a membership from as little as 1 day and to as long as 1 week. If their membership plans do not suit your needs, they give you the option to call in and discuss a plan that works best for you.
1 Day AED. 105
1 Month AED. 1199
2 Months AED. 1599
3 Months AED. 1999
4 Months AED. 1719 / AED. 2299
6 Months AED. 2399 / AED. 2999
10 Months AED. 4399
12 Months AED. 4499

Customer Opinions

There is a general consensus that this is a fantastic gym with an amazing community. It is easily accessible, and many customers pride this gym for the super-friendly and effective Personal Trainers that work there. Additionally, it has amazed customers with their Yoga studio. However, a large majority have not been fond of the staff at reception, as well as the lack of communication whenever the gym closes due to technical issues (which happens often).

The Bottom Line

Motor City Fitness First provides a good mix of equipment, classes and likeable Personal Trainers to aid you in reaching your fitness goals. It is praised for its dynamic fitness environment and community that helps keep members motivated. Whether you are starting your gym venture for the first time or have had experience in gyms before, signing up to this gym will give you the consistency you need to achieve your fitness ambitions. We especially recommend this gym to those who do Yoga. This is one of few branches that facilitate a body and mind studio and a sauna. However, we do not recommend this gym if you are looking for a ladies-only area to train at ease, as this gym only offers a mixed service.

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