Fitness Influencer Programme

Mega reach and exposure through MYFITAPE Influencer Campaigns

We're Creating the New Leaders in Fitness

Through our platform we believe in investing into people and their potential and as part of our on-going efforts to achieve this we have allocated a new way for our partners to gain maximum exposure and reach through influencer marketing campaigns.

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We Invest in You

In year 2020 alone, over $6.8 Billion was invested into the Influencer marketing ecosystem and we’re in full swing of capitalising on the power of influencers to empower our partners to become fitness leaders and attract new business.

How it Works

1) We selectively hand-pick our fitness partners that have potential to bring in new reach and exposure to build a stronger online presence.

2) We allocate Influencers with high engagement ratio that have a high loyal following that will be providing our partners with Social Media Stories and Posts to increase their exposure.

3) Influencers will be taking a session, tagging our selected partners, outlining their services and their experience to their followers. By default this will sky rocket their overall brand loyalty and attract new business. 

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Applications are currently not open, since we have a specific criteria you will be contacted directly if you qualify.

The trainer will need to provide a single session with the Influencer and ensure that they have a good workout. The Influencer will ‘tag’ you using your social media handles and talk about you to their follower base. 

We are actively looking for professional partners that can showcase their level of standards across the following areas:

  1. Effective operation and excellent management skills
  2. Great communication
  3. Approachable and friendly personality
  4. Leadership skills to impact and influence positively
  5. Active online presence

We will be providing opportunities on a weekly basis to the members of the programme. Due to the natural availability of Influencers we will be allowing a minimum of 2 sessions per month.

You will only be allowed 1 session per influencer, we will also be providing you with a range so that different audiences can be tapped into.


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