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The official home of $FITR Token

Lift Off!

The first Health & Fitness Marketplace Defitoken with unilateral utility, leveraging and rewarding community in the world becoming 'Fitter'.

Disrupting the fitness world, earn passive income where everyone benefits. Let's change the game!

How will the FITR Token Grow?

Attracting People

MYFITAPE will have a monthly reward pool that will provide tokens for community activists, influencers and content creators. By doing so this will incentivize these users to attract visitors to the website. More visitors will result in accelerated adoptions and will increase the value of the token, increasing the incentive for this project to grow with increased outcome of content. Our platform has also signed an influencer agency deal this year to propel this further.

Adoption of the Platform

MYFITAPE will have a monthly reward pool that will provide tokens for those that book through the platform actively or purchase. Doing so will accelerate the adoption of the token economy. More bookings and transactions will result in higher value of the token due to deflation. In turn, a higher value of the token will attract more people, driving further bookings.


V1: Revolutionary health, fitness and wellbeing marketplace connecting the fitness world through a digital eco-system.

V2: Coming soon!

Accept Bookings

Enlist your fitness  services to the marketplace and start accepting, earning and paying with the $FITR Token and other Cryptocurrency.

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Buy & Sell

Transact with $FITR wide selection of retailers and wholesalers who will have the ability to sell retail  products, equipment and digital products worldwide using $FITR and other Crypto under one roof.

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Enabling subscription of food deliveries, meal plans and well-being products through the $FITR token with leading brands and partners.

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$FITR Token

On our marketplace the $FITR token will be a means of payment and value for any product or services worldwide.

Additionally, you will be able to buy any fitness services or product with over 80+ crypto currencies.

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Digital ID & Membership

Our upcoming token will enable anyone to buy a membership linked to their Digital ID to access Gyms, Studios and Online Subscriptions (Online Video or Courses).

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Trust, Authenticity & Protection

All users, activities, transactions will be stamped on the Blockchain ensuring a secure network which is traceable and protected with blockchain.

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Deflationary & Community Rewards

Deflationary Token

FITR has a built in 10% transaction tax where 5% Auto LP & 5% goes back to the holders.

$FITR Utility Token

It will be the default Crypto currency used to book, buy, claim and sell.

Growthenomics Concept

Our revolutionary tokenomics combines the community effort & static rewards for community growth.

Passive Income

With a built-in 5% redistribution on every transaction, the more people book fitness or buy, the more your funds will grow.

Low transaction fees

Through Binance Smart Chain (BSC), there are lower transaction fees.

Discounts for using FITR

We emphasis adoption through a fixed discount when buying and using FITR on the marketplace.


Disruptive & Futuristic

Our vision is to be positioned for the future not just the next 12 months.

Q2 2021

— Deployment of contract on testnet

– Deployment of Contract on BSC

– Creation of pancake liquidity pair

– LP Token and begin marketing

Q3 2021

– Coingecko & CMC

– White Paper

– Code Audit

– Marketing & Partnerships

– AMA’s

Q4 2021

– Advanced Campaign Marketing

– ‘Growthenomics’ launch

– Exchange Listing

– New strategic partnership announcements

Learn more: read the Litepaper

Tokenomics Overview

Ticker: $FITR
Max Supply - 1,000,000,000
Total Supply - 100,000,00/Yrly* (+ 20% buy back)
Public Sale: 400,000,000
Private Sale: 50,000,000
Soft Cap: 700K
Hard Cap: 6.5 Million
FITR Price: 0.01444*

Tokenomics in-Detail

Private, Public Sales (45M)
Liquidity Pool (15M)
Loyalty, Rewards & Pool (15M)
R&D (2M)
Team (4M)
Advisors (3M)
Operations (9M)
Marketing (7M)

Rankings and Rewards System

More Activity means features unlocks, rewards, bonuses & discounts.


Top up your Defi wallet through our blockchain integration.


Earned a fixed discount on selected ranks and bonuses.


Complete activity targets and get rewarded.

Unlock Ranks

A ranking system which will reward features based on activity in the eco-system.