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HIIT Training: Workouts to Get You Shredded in 2022


Table of Contents

HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training has become popular in this fitness world. Therefore, people wonder how to practice it effectively. In this modernized life, HIIT promises the best workout in fever time. You might be wondering why people prefer HIIT training over other exercises. Nowadays, people feel they don’t have enough time for physical activity like walking or running. Therefore, people choose high-intensity interval training that ranges from between 10 seconds and 8 minutes.

Though HIIT training has become a fitness trend, people are unaware of it. From gyms to fitness clubs, HIIT has popped up everywhere. You might be searching for authentic knowledge about HIIT training to metabolically charge your body.

Here we will discuss all the basic questions related to High-Intensity Interval Training.

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What Is High-Intensity Interval Training?

Generally, HIIT workouts are short intervals of intense exercises alternated with a low-intensity recovery period. It is the most efficient way of exercise that are 10-30 minutes in duration. Despite the short time, it produces the health benefits twice at moderate-intensity intervals.

The primary focus of HIIT training is on aerobic exercises. The specific amount of time you exercise and recover will vary based on the activity you choose and how intensely you are exercising.

Regardless of how you implement this strategy, high-intensity intervals should involve short periods of vigorous exercise that make your heart rate speed up.

HIIT not only provides the benefits of longer-duration exercise in a much shorter amount of time but also may provide some unique health benefits.

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How does HIIT Training Work?


High-intensity interval training is challenging as it takes your cardio workout to another level. You can use HIIT with any workout, such as running, rowing, jumping rope, etc. During the interval, you will work intensively up to sweat fast working. After an intense workout level, back off for a slower recovery period.

HIIT training will save you time, and you don’t have to work for long intervals. With HIIT workout, you can:

  • Build your muscles
  • Lose weight
  • Boost your metabolism

Aside from this, your body will burn calories during post-workout hours.

How Long Does a HIIT Workout Take?

One of the great benefits of HIIT workouts is that they don’t take much time. They can take as little as 20 minutes, with the key being that you work at the correct intensity. Be aware that long sessions of between 45 and 60 minutes can be too long to maintain the required intensity level. These are still interval classes but do not fulfill all the HIIT criteria.

Which Exercises Can You Do?

One of the primary advantages of HIIT training is that there is no limit to exercise. You can do HIIT on each type of cardio equipment and exercises available in the gym.

Also, you can apply these HIIT training intervals to the following exercises:

  • Run and bike rides
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Jumping squats
  • Sit-ups
  • Knee sprints

Additionally, you can practice all these exercises at home without going to the gym. The flexibility of this exercise is that you never get bored and achieve your vital goals quickly.

Why Does HIIT Improve Cardio Health?

Researchers are continuously finding out why HIIT Training improves cardio. However, they found that it is a perfect workout to boost the heart’s ability to pump blood.

Also, it can lower blood pressure in people overweight and obese. Exercise improves the maximum amount of blood that comes out of the heart.

Note: HITT is not for everyone. You need great motivation and physical stamina to push yourself to the limit. If you are not used to this type of training, your muscles and joints may pay the price through sprains and strains.

How to Get Started With HIIT?

Typically, it is not hard to get a start on high-intensity interval training. There are many ways to practice HIIT training as there is no limit to exercises.

To begin with the HIIT workout, you need to choose an activity, such as running, biking, or jumping. After choosing, experiment with different durations of workout and recovery.

Here are some tips you can follow to accomplish your goals with HIIT workouts:

  • Choose an exercise that you have performed at a lower intensity
  • If you have health issues, like joint pain, start with a lower modality
  • In the beginning, take long rest periods
  • Keep work periods under 30 seconds
  • Start with a few cycles twice a week

HIIT training is highly demanding and challenging when you do high-impact modalities. Therefore, an adequate amount of rest period is essential to avoid injury.

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HIIT Training Benefits


You might have tried several exercises to burn your calories or weight loss. HIIT is beneficial for you to burn calories as it can burn 25-30% calories. You can try 20 seconds of HIIT training followed by 40 seconds of rest.

One of the primary benefits of high-intensity interval training is that it increases the metabolic rate to burn calories. Several researchers have found that HIIT can impressively boost your metabolism. A high-intensity workout elevates your metabolism for hours after exercise.

In addition to helping with fat loss, HIIT help increases muscle mass in certain people.

However, the gain in muscle mass is primarily in the muscles being used the most, often those in the trunk and legs. Additionally, an increase in muscle mass is more likely to occur in less active people.

Weight training continues to be the gold-standard form of exercise to increase muscle mass, but high-intensity intervals can support a small amount of muscle growth.

Oxygen consumption is your muscles’ ability to use oxygen. Endurance training is typically used to improve your oxygen consumption.

Traditionally, it consists of long continuous running or cycling sessions at a steady rate.

If you are suffering from high or low blood pressure, it is perfect to try HIIT training. High-intensity interval training imparts numerous health benefits. Several research studies have indicated that HIIT workouts balance blood pressure and heart rate.

The Bottom Line

High-intensity interval training is a very efficient way to exercise and may help you burn more calories than you would with other forms of exercise.

Some of the calories burned as a result of high-intensity intervals come from a higher metabolism, which lasts for hours after exercise.

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