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How Much Protein for Weight Loss? Calculate with This Guide

How Much Protein for Weight Loss? Calculate with This Guide

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How Much Protein for Weight Loss? Calculate with This Guide

If you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape, the right nutritional plan is essential. One of the most important elements of any weight loss regimen is the amount of protein you consume daily. Protein intake is linked to muscle growth, accelerated fat loss, and proper body functioning.

But, how much protein do you need to reach your body and weight loss goals? Below, find out the recommended daily protein intake and how to use MYFITAPE to stay on track with healthy eating habits.

Recommended Protein Intake for Weight Loss

Generally speaking, the recommended amount of protein for a healthy adult is 0.36 grams per pound of bodyweight. This means a person weighing 150 pounds should get about 54 grams of protein each day.

Generally speaking, if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to consume slightly more protein per day. We recommend aiming for 0.45 to 0.7 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.

For example, if a person weighs 150 pounds, we would recommend consuming at least 67.5 to 105 grams of protein per day.

However, it’s important to customize your caloric and macronutrient goals (carbs and protein) rather than rely on the generalizations above.

Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals with MYFITAPE

To reach your weight loss goals, you can have a nutrition expert create a custom meal plan tailored to your nutritional goals. MYFITAPE offers leading weight loss services based on your goals, body type, and lifestyle.

MYFITAPE will provide you with meal plans, recipes, and nutrition tracking tools to keep you on track for success.

How to Book on the MYFITAPE Platform

Getting started with MYFITAPE is easy:

  • Step 1: Select the nutrition services you’d like. We offer meal planning, advanced nutrition tracking, and accountability coaching.

  • Step 2: Select the plan length and customize your plan. Choose from two, four, or six-week plans.

  • Step 3: Upload photos and answer questions to help us customize your plan.

  • Step 4: Finalize your payment information and enjoy your tailored meal plan.


  • Q: What makes MYFITAPE different?A: We provide specifically tailored and dynamic meal plans, based on your individual goals, body type and lifestyle. We offer data-driven tracking, updates, and ongoing tips to keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

  • Q: How do I access MYFITAPE?A: Our platform is easily accessible from any computer, phone, or tablet.

  • Q: How does MYFITAPE help me track protein?A: We provide nutrition and macronutrient tracking so you can easily keep track of your daily protein intake.

Finding the perfect amount of protein for meeting your weight loss goals can be challenging. But, with MYFITAPE, it doesn’t have to be. Our nutrition and fitness tracking platform allows you tailor your meals and nutrition tracking to your individual weight loss goals. With our custom meal plans, recipes, and nutrition tracking tools, you can reach your body and fitness goals in no time.

Is it better to get my daily protein intake through food or protein powder?

It really depends on your individual needs. Getting your daily protein intake through food sources is generally better, as it has all the other vitamins and minerals your body needs. However, if you need increased protein for your training and diet, or if it’s difficult for you to get enough protein from food sources, then a protein powder can be a helpful and convenient supplement. Ultimately, the best option is to speak to a nutritionist or healthcare professional who can recommend the best approach for your individual needs.

Are there specific exercises or activity levels that require higher levels of protein intake?

Yes, specific exercises and activity levels do require higher levels of protein intake. For athletes and bodybuilders, high-intensity strength training and endurance activities result in increased protein needs and can require up to 1.8-2 g of protein per kg of body weight per day. Endurance athletes may also require slightly more than the RDA requirement of 0.8 g of protein per kg of bodyweight per day in order to meet their protein needs.

What are the recommended daily protein intake goals for weight loss?

The recommended daily protein intake goals for weight loss vary based on age, gender, body size, and activity level. Generally, it is recommended to consume between 0.8-1.2g/kg of body weight per day, and spread the protein intake evenly throughout the day. Eating a protein-rich diet can help to reduce hunger and cravings, increase metabolism, and facilitate muscle repair and maintenance.

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