How the Pandemic has effected the Personal Training Industry in 2020

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It’s not surprise to any reader that the pandemic has impacted the lives of many people globally and has left some unrepairable damage and this blog is here to provide an insight into those interested in fitness or looking to get fit and how the dynamics have changed.

Personal Trainers in UAE

The personal trainer industry in Dubai has had many setbacks and of them to say the least, is the personal trainers that are predominantly freelancers.

Freelancer personal trainers are very different from personal trainers that work in companies as they rely heavily on as independent business owners offering their services respectively.

However, in the last 6 months, there has been a significant dip in the demand in fitness and so personal trainers who were previously relying on a consistent client based have gradually lost clients due to a reduction and change in spending behaviour.

What has this caused to the personal trainer industry?

It has put personal trainers in a predicament and to choose whether to leave for those that cannot sustain a client base or those that decided to adapt to the circumstances.

How has personal training pricing changed in the Pandemic?

Previously before personal trainers in Dubai used to charge an average of 2,700AED for every 10 sessions across the board with an average level certification of 2.

This has changed and personal trainers have now adapted their pricing with an average drop of around 500/700AED per package.

How have consumers behaviour changed in the fitness industry?

Of course, the average consumer who is new to the personal training industry does not see the value in the reduction of the price but rather they are interested in further price reductions.

Consumers even with reductions are eager to aquire more value for their money.

What have personal trainer done to adapt?

Instead of cutting their pricing, there are some that are currently offering additional sessions which has become effective. However, this is reflective of their client base.

By increasing their personal training rates they are not lowering their prices and so maintaining their customer base but by default spending more time with clients.

What about the restrictions?

There have also been some restrictions added by the respected Dubai Sports Council to ensure the safety of their residents and citizens.

These restrictions include no group training in groups of no more than 4, restrictions in working out in residential gyms since their is no control of temperature, in-homes.

You can learn more by downloading the PDF below.

Tips to Survive for Dubai Personal Trainers

On our platform we have an array of Dubai personal trainers and one of the major increases in client acquisition has been their a strategy in adapting to the pandemic.

These include: adjusting your pricing, diversifying your marketing strategy, increasing your credibility and being open to strategic payment options.

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