Costs for Bookable Products

Costs for specific slots are controlled from the Booking Costs tab.   The two main costs you can add are Base cost and Block cost. Base ...

Availability Settings

Availability (what slots can be booked) can be controlled via the Availability tab. The first options allow you define dates that can be booked:   ...

If multiple rows have the same priority, the rules higher on the list will take priority. - 2018.03.24
Allowing Booking Cancellation

You may choose whether you want the user to have the option to cancel their booking. After selecting the option Can be cancelled?, two fields appear that allow ...

Requiring Confirmation

If the booking needs to be reviewed before confirmation, tick the Requires confirmation? checkbox. Rather than take payment at checkout, the user inputs ...

Calendar Display Mode

Select whether to always show the calendar or only when clicked, by default the calendar is set to always show. If the Booking duration is set to ...

Booking Duration

This determines how long a booking lasts. The duration can be admin defined (fixed block) or customer defined (they need to input on the front-end). Duration ...

Manual Approval of Listings

As of 20/03/18, we have issued a manual approval system for each listing to ensure high quality, concise and transparent listings that fit our brand. This ...

Discount Codes

Discount codes are offered at discretional periods and are usually announced on our Social Media, so make sure to be following us. Discount codes allow you to ...

Stripe & Mobile Application

Our platform is connected with Stripe and one of the privileges is the ability to keep track of your payments and current balance on your account on the go. If ...

How to Get Paid

Once an order has been placed, the funds automatically go to your Stripe account. If you do not have stripe then we will process this manually automatically ...

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