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MYFITAPE is a free platform for Health, Fitness & Personal Trainers. We offer different memberships for different members as different members require a different set-up. Here is a summary of the current memberships we offer.


FITAPE Account

This is the general user that has all accessibilities to the site apart from selling. Selling can only be unlocked by becoming a vendor on the site.


Personal Trainer (Vendor)

This is the vendor account which allows you to have accessibility to all FITAPE features additionally with the ability to unlock selling on the marketplace. The vendor account has access to a Seller Dashboard called the MYFITAPE Pro Dashboard. This allows Vendors to keep track of their sales, store analytics and receive commissions directly into their accounts once they have set-up Stripe.


This is another vendor account which is offered discretionally. This allows organizations, such as businesses, gyms and other firms depending on their services or products. This account has the ability and functionality to have team members, add staff and managers, keep track of business sales, receive inquiries and allows further scalability.


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