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Becoming a Vendor on MYFITAPE is simple. Here we will go through the step by step process to becoming a Vendor.


 Registered Users

Only registered users will be able to opt into becoming a Vendor. If you’re not a registered FITAPE then you are unable to qualify to become a Vendor.


Visit Vendor Page

On the top of the website, there is a menu bar, click on ‘Become a Vendor’  or alternatively click here.


Complete Vendor Details

You will then be directed to the Vendor sign up page. Ensure that you complete the following details to the best of your ability without leaving any information. The following details will need to be completed:



  1. Store Name
  2. Store Description
  3. Seller Info


Once you have completed the information, you will then be able to submit the details. Usually the approval process from our system is instant, however, if there is any error or delays then please contact our support team who will be able to assist you. Once you’re approved, ensure you learn how to sell in the marketplace.

Promote Your Self

One key tip to rising to the top of the platform is promoting or sharing your profile link on Social Media such as Instagram & Facebook. This will in turn automatically grow your rankings. This platform has no limit to how many sales you can make as a Vendor, we recommend to post your profile link directly on Instagram & Facebook so that when users want to book you they can pay in advance, ask you questions, view your reviews and also follow you on the platform.


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