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All Payments are made on a weekly basis on Wednesdays directly to the bank account you entered. Not entering your payment details can cause delays.

We offer direct bank transfer as the main source of funds transfers that runs on a weekly rota.

We accept all major UAE bank accounts and all partners need to do is ensure that all the details are entered on their bank accounts.

Step 1 – Login to your account

You would have registered for an account to become a partner so log in using your credentials.

login –

Step 2 – Click on your Profile

Once logged in your profile icon will appear. You will need to visit your profile by clicking on your profile icon as shown in the screenshot.

This will open your account menu for managing your business on the platform.

Screenshot at Sep 30 12 12 28 –

Step 3 – Select ‘ Business Dashboard’

This will open the Partner menu where you will have to click on ‘Business Dashboard‘.

This will direct you to the ‘Business Dashboard’ page where you can start making changes.

Screenshot at Sep 30 12 13 52 –

Step 4 – Click on ‘Settings’

You will then be in your Business Panel. This page allows you to track payments, bookings and orders.

On the left menu, select ‘ Settings‘. This will direct you to the area where you can enter your payment details.

Screenshot at Sep 30 12 20 25 –

Step 5 – Enter your Bank Details

At this stage, please enter your payment details and ensure all details are accurate to avoid any delays. From the point of entering your details it will take up to 48hrs for the account to be registered into our system.

The payments will be sent every week at Wednesday. If you have any questions relating to payments then please contact our customer support team by clicking here.

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