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Once an order has been placed, the funds automatically go to your Stripe account. If you do not have stripe then we will process this manually automatically for you.


Once an order has been made, the funds will be pending on your account, it is important to ensure that your IBAN & Swift code have been filled in your account. The IBAN & Swift code can be retrieved by contacting your bank. We will usually give you a call if it is your first order and will ensure that your payment gets processed in 48hrs.


The order must be more than 100AED in order for the transfer to be completed. In the interim, the funds or balance will be on your account.


Checking Payments & Balance

From your MYFITAPE Pro Dashboard, you will have a full break-down of your sales reports including the commission paid or pending. If you wish to follow up, you only need to quote the order number. However, the process automatically is transferred over to your bank account.


Stripe Mobile Application

One of the key benefits of being a FITAPE is you can download stripe and see live payments go directly into your account when a transaction is made in real time. The application can showcase the breakdown of current payments, expected payments and allows you to change your bank details directly from the application. When it is updated, it will automatically be reflected on the website. You can download the Stripe mobile application here.



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