How to rank higher on MYFITAPE Searches?

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To rank higher for searches, our search algorithm is based on a few areas that we focus on to ensure the end-users receives the best results for their query.

The higher the visibility, the more enquiries and the more bookings you will receive. Our platform has been designed to reflect quality, authenticity and effort. This guide will assist you to increase your overall exposure if you’re a partner on the platform.

1. Profile Optimisation

Your profile is the first point of contact that you will have with customers. On average the average user spends around 20/30 seconds before they make a decision according to our statistics which means, a highly optimised profile will allow users to better engage with your profile and will increase your chances for them to contact you.

Image Optimisation

Here we will highlight the key points to help boost your traffic to your profile from the searches.

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The first interaction that users have when looking at 50-75 profiles is the images. We have found that partners who have carefully used high resolution images (1,800px x 1,800px) tend to offer higher and better experiences to our users.

Profile Image

The profile image needs to include a portrait shot of the Partner, in the case that it is a brand, then your logo will suffice but it will also have to be a high-resolution image.

Avoid using special effects, contours and any edits that will make the image look unnatural when submitting a profile image.

Your image should showcase your waist upwards with an upright posture. Smiling in you profile/cover images helps increase your overall click-through-ratio (CTR) by 45% according to our data.

Cover Image

The ‘cover image’ follows the same guidelines as the ‘profile image’ guidelines. The cover image takes up the most amount of real estate on searches and so has more importance when driving traffic.

Personal Trainers & Instructors

Ensure that your image is a high-resolution image that is a maximum of 1MB in size and has a dimension size of (minimum 1800 x 1800px). The cover images should showcase the partner in complete visibility with a minimum of waist upwards.

Gyms, EMS Centres and Boutiques

For those that are ‘brick and mortar’ partners, we encourage you to have a high-resolution image (minimum 1800 x 1800px) that showcases your facilities and include up to 7 images that showcase the following areas:

  • Reception
  • Equipment Available
  • Changing Rooms
  • Showers
  • Locke rooms
  • Spa Facilities (if available)
  • In-door food and beverage bars (if available)

2. Your Bio

The best profiles are well thought out and designed to help customers ensure that they’re a perfect fit. The top 5% profile are well communicated and delivering the right message helps increase your popularity which in turn ranks you higher!

Here are the guidelines for conveying a great Bio:

  • Ensure your biography is readable and not too sophisticated
  • Highlight the unique points that make you stand out, areas of expertise, qualifications
  • Communicate your personal qualities and what you can deliver to the end client

Your bio is highly converting signal on the platform. Most clients that are attracted to your profile will go on and read your bio to ensure that it fits what they’re looking for so ensure that you provide an excellent bio that doesn’t miss any achievements (related to your area of expertise).

3. Promote your Profile

The best way to generate traffic is to promote your profile. Our platform shifts according to how many clients view your profile. To promote your profile here are some effective ways to promote it that are proven to work.

Add it to your Instagram Bio

Placing your profile link URL in your Instagram Bio is a powerful way to showcase who you’re, your testimonials from previous customers and also assisting your audience to learn more about you and your services.

Add it to your Website

MYFITAPE services as a platform of authenticity and credibility. Any additional information for clients to potentially learn more helps in their overall conversion. We do offer badges to be placed on your website, please view the article available on the knowledge base.

4. Get Reviews

We rewards reviews on the platform, so the more reviews that you have on the platform the more frequent you will be visible at the top of searches. On average a top profile will have a minimum of 10-15 positive reviews (4-5 stars). This encourages excellent services and customer loyalty.

5. Favorite on your Profile

The more your profile is favorited the higher your rankings are likely to surge on the search in your niche. Profiles that are attractive and well optimized receive the highest amount of favorites available.

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