How to register as a Partner?

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Step 1 – Register on the site

In order to register, you will need to access the ‘Partner registration page‘ using the Website as this page is only open to users logged in so you will need to first register on the website.

You will need to click on the right side of the menu where it says ‘Register’.

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Then you will have a pop-up open with registration options. You have 3 ways to register on the platform.

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Step 2 – Login & Select ‘Become a Partner’

Once you verified your account and logged in, just select ‘Partners’ from the menu and select ‘ Become a Partner’. This will then direct you to the registration process.

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Step 3 – Begin the Profile Registration

This is the ‘Partner Registration’ page. The next step is to select the next button on this page to continue to the registration process.

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Step 4 – Select What Partner You Are

The next step offers your 3 options to select from depending on what partner you’re, either a Personal Trainer, EMS/Studio or Gym. Select the relevant profile that you wish to create.

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Step 5 – Select the Subscription Package

You will then be provided with the options of subscription packages. Simply select ‘Get Now’.

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You will then be directed to the page where to create your profile page. After creating your profile you will need to make a payment. Once the payment has been completed we will receive your application.

The final step is to submit a verification form to ensure we have all the details to get your bookings and profile tweaked to ensure it meets the platform standards.

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