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Before you Begin

Selling in the Marketplace means you are ready to provide your services to the FITAPEs. In order to Sell in the Marketplace, you need to become a Vendor. Prior to selling, we recommend to learn about the Vendor Guidelines.


Step 1

Visit your MYFITAPE Pro Dashboard. Your dashboard is where you manage your business and view store analytics.

Menu > Vendor > Sell Bookings


Step 2

You will reach the Products Tab, in this tab you will have many entry points to enter details about your services or product. Fill in all the details as accurately as possible.


Section Breakdown

Listing your service is very easy, each section has information on what needs to be entered. Here is what each area covers.


Product Name: this is the Title of your posting.It is important to get this right and add the Title that best reflects your service you’re offering.


Product Description: this refers to the detailed description of what you’re offering. You will want to include what is offered, the workout its self and a break-down of what the client can expect.


Product Short Description: this is the area when you can discuss yourself, your experience and a small summary of what you specialize in.


Categories: this refers to the type of posting, whether it is Personal Training, Zumba or other types of coaching.


Tags: these tags will help you rank better, so ensure that you place the relevant tags on your posting to be found.


Featured Image: this is the image that will be the showcased in the marketplace. It is important that all images are of high resolution and showcase a clear concise image of you or your workout.


Gallery: we allow additional images to further showcase your work, it may be worth adding results that potential customers have found


Product Type: we have expanded our marketplace by offering different styles of bookings. For basic bookings select Simple Product and check (tick) on Virtual. Virtual products refer to Bookings.


General: You have an option of adding this booking which will not be advertised in the Marketplace. This can be used to create custom offers for clients depending on their requirement. You can then share the link with them to make an order.


Linked Products

This tab is a key component to generate more revenue and selling your other bookings, cross-selling and up-selling.  Whilst, cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items.



Up-Selling is the practice of encouraging a customer to purchase a comparable higher-end product that the once in questions. So for example, if a customer is deciding to order a 1-1 session, you can up-sell them on a monthly package which may become better value for money than a single 1 hours session.



Whilst, cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. For example, if a customer orders a 1-1 session or a monthly package, you will have the ability to cross-sell your diet plan as a combined package.



This is where you can select a grouped product package that you have made. You’re able to attach this to your posting.



This is perhaps one of the most important elements of your posting, this will reflect key details that customers will need to know about your posting such as the duration, whether the class is for a particular gender and location plus more. The attributes help determine criteria for your posting and will also allow customers to filter through their preferences during a search.

Select an Attribute

It is advisable to include and add all the attributes accurately so that your products and items become available on customer searches.


Duration: this refers to how long your class is and in hours.


Gender: this indicates whether your bookings are for male, females or even both


Location: this indicates whether your bookings for which particular location with a selectable drop down. You can select a few areas that you cover


How to Make a Bookable Product

1) In order to make a successful booking, please ensure you fill all the details on the page and under Product Type, select Bookable Product and tick ‘Virtual’ box. This enables the product type to be bookable.


2) Insert accurate description and information regarding your session


3) Price, include the price and a sale price if you have any. If you wish to have a limited time on your price then Select Schedule. This allows you to place a deadline before the Sale period ends to create urgency.


4) Double check all your details and ensure that you haven’t missed anything.


5) Submit and promote your new posting on Social Media. Help get more exposure by sharing your details on different social media.



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