How to view the bookings made by clients?

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Please note that viewing your bookings on the App is available under the ‘App’ category on the knowledgebase.

In this guide it will showcase how to edit your profile image, your cover image and also your description. It will also show you where to find it and the difference between your ‘Business Dashboard’ and your ‘Partner Profile’.

The Business Dashboard

The ‘business dashboard’ is where partners can manage their bookings, prices, rates, setup subscription products, monitor the overall business performance. To view a complete list of capabilities, please view the ‘Business Dashboard’ guide which outlines all features available.

How to access the Business Dashboard

To access the business dashboard, login to your profile. Once logged in, you will be able to see your profile icon on the header above ( please see screenshot below). Click on the profile icon.

menu item –

From the menu drop down, select ‘Business Dashboard‘. Once selected it will re-direct you to the business dashboard.

menu drop down –

Business Dashboard Page

You will then be on the ‘Business Dashboard‘. On the left menu, you will find all the options available for you to manage your business.

dashboard landing page –

The Booking Management Page

From the left menu, select ‘Booking‘. It will then open the ‘Booking Management‘ screen where you can add your booking products, manage your bookings and also where you view your bookings via a Calendar. On this screen, please click on ‘Manage Bookings‘.

It will then showcase all the bookings you have at any given time as a partner. It will include the following details:

  • Booking Number
  • Booking Product
  • Customer
  • Number of Persons
  • Order Reference Number
  • Start Date of Booking
  • End Date of Booking
manage my bookings –

How to view the clients address and contact number

During the booking process, customers enter there details during the booking process. You can view the their full details by clicking on this ‘eye icon’ (highlighted on the image below).

eye icon –

Once you clicked on the button, it will open the full booking order. This is a great way to have all details you need when fulfilling services for clients.

The customer details will be found under ‘Customer Details‘ it will include their address, email and phone number.

open booking order –
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