Receiving Your First Payment on the Platform

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Payments are important to us and so is the security of our platform. We process a significant amount of transactions everyday helping people both partners and customers achieve their goals in fitness and financially, securely and safely.

Only the first payment issued on our platform can take up to 30 calendar days before it is realeased and here are the reasons why.

1. Qualification Phase

As our platform grows we have taken the responsibility to verify transactions and ensure that our platform goes through a quality assurance process to ensure the first transaction is completely successfully, the client receives their complete bookings and the partner fulfils their obligation to the client ensuring a complete full-circle goal.

2. Authentication Phase

We advise all our partners to enter all their banking details to receive payment as soon as they have been accepted onto the platform. During this process we double check that all the payment details are accurate against our banking system.

This includes the following:

  • The user account (Full Name and address) matches the banking account
  • All the IBAN and Swift is entered correctly

Please note that an error in the details can lead to a delay in payment. If this occurs then our team will create a case to manually issue the release.

3. Payment Release

Once your account has been qualified, authenticated then the payment will be issued and you will receive a confirmation via email which will include the banking reference number and the amount paid.

Payments are issues every Wednesday.

The bank will also issue you a confirmation (depending on which bank you use). Once the payment is issued the payment will reach your account within 24-48hrs.

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