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Our platform is connected with Stripe and one of the privileges is the ability to keep track of your payments and current balance on your account on the go. If you’re in the UAE or GCC so we will process this for you automatically as Stripe is not currently available in the UAE. However, if you have a European account but live in the Middle East it will work. Please read the full list of countries that Stripe can connect to.



Connecting Stripe

In order to get paid automatically into your account, you must set-up a Stripe account. A Stripe account is a mandatory to guarantee the instant payment of the balance. Here is the simple process of connecting your account with Stripe:


  1. Sign up and create a stripe account – click here
  2. Go to MYFITAPE Pro Dashboard
  3. Go to SettingsĀ  > Payment
  4. Click on Connect to Stripe button
  5. Login into Stripe

This will now link your stripe account so where ever you go, you will receiveĀ pop-up notifications on your IOS & Android device on payments.



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