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The following are important guidelines when it comes to selling and must be followed in order to gain the best from MYFITAPE.



Vendors are allowed to decide and place the prices they see fit for advertising, these prices are at the Vendor’s discretion, however, false advertising of the price(s) will not be tolerated.

False Pricing

Placing a price that does not reflect the activity, duration or a price that is manipulated to mean other than what is advertised will be taken down. All FITAPEs must adhere to working together to create a fair, honest and transparent Marketplace by pricing correctly on their adverts.


We work closely with Vendors to ensure that all their pricing is exactly what they offer. If for example, a price mentions a specific amount which includes specific activity or session but turns out to be different then customers are entitled to make a claim against Vendors which may lead to them being penalized.


Right Pricing

Pricing should be published that reflects the value that is being provided, this again will be relative to each published class, session or activity. The pricing and what is offered should be made clear by thoroughly explaining what is offered, how long and what customers can expect in return for the Vendors service.



Pricing must be shown on all publishing by Vendors. Requesting to quote upon contact is not permitted. All prices and details must be transparent and clearly displayed.


Adding Bookings

Completing Fields

When submitting a new bookable product on the marketplace, all fields must be completed with thorough details to ensure that customers are aware of is being offered in detail. Here are some questions to answers when submitting a new bookable product:


Does the title reflect what I am Selling?

Does the Description clarify what is being offered?

Does the description detail what the customer is receiving clearly?

Does my pricing reflect the right price?


By answering these questions, you will be able to gain a better perspective in creating high-quality bookable products in the marketplace.


We accept bookable products that have images or video. Submitting products that do not have either can sometimes be removed. We encourage all vendors to upload media that reflects accurately the service they’re offering.


Pictures are an important aspect of a listing as they will need to reflect the service and also for maintaining a positive outlook on the marketplace. Therefore, we have set the following guidelines for an image to be approved:

  1. Must be of a higher resolution image which must not be pixelated
  2. Must be an image that is of you and not a generic image taken from the internet
  3. Must clearly showcase your face and activity


If your listing does not comply with the above then your listing may not be approved. If you would like us to review it again, then you can contact us directly to get in touch.





How to Communicate

MYFITAPE has a strict policy of communication which could lead to a suspension or even permanent ban on your account if not adhered to. Communication is allowed only through the platform and communicating outside of the platform is strictly prohibited. We aim to ensure that all communications and rules are followed, any posting of numbers, emails, social media messaging or any other tools of communication will be flagged by our system.


Respect & Transparency

Respect is a key value that we carry on the platform, this means respecting other members regardless of their gender, beliefs, ethnicity, nationality, race, physique or any other metric that members value. The Fitness community at MYFITAPE encourages the helping hand and working together to create an environment that welcomes everyone.

Vendors must ensure that they’re respectful to customers and the same is expected back from customers. If customers showcase and break the rule of conduct then Vendors are not obliged to serve and can raise a complaint about the customer.




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