Mission: To motivate, inspire and guide people to achieve the best they can, we work to make fitness a lifestyle in everyone’s life
We Delivering high standards of quality fitness programs, with specialized trainers who help you to provide expertise in weight management, cardio, aerobics classes, nutrition plans, diet plans, and a lot more, the gym is equipped with the best quality of fitness equipment in a great 400m square meter of fitness environment.
Our services include:
1- Gym Membership
2. Training programs
3. Nutrition plans
4. Home Personal Training
5. Group Classes
6- Supplements
7. EMS
8. Sport massage
9. Sauna

Optimal Fitness is a holistic health and fitness centre located in Studio City, Dubai opposite Arabian Ranches. We have a boutique gym with excellent, dedicated personal trainers and studios for group classes led by our energetic instructors. To compliment our gym and class offerings we have Optimal Therapy, our physiotherapy centre, Caporilli’s cafe serving wholesome and nutritious food and it is also the home of our triathlete coaching division Optimal TRI. We are passionate about inspiring and motivating people to live longer, happier, healthier lives.’

In 2010 Paul Cracknell and Marco Caporilli, the quieter partners at optimalFITNESS, imagined a holistic recreational gym at the outer reaches of a stalled Dubai. Within months the inspirational pair had realised their ambition. ‘optimal’ was born. Over the next four years, they grew the facility into a group that consisted of a gym with group classes, a wonderful healthy café and a sports therapy centre.

As Dubai again expanded they included David Labouchere OBE as a new Partner with the express responsibility of further establishing optimalFITNESS as the best of the best.

No longer on the outskirts of Dubai, optimalFITNESS is now firmly entrenched to serve the communities of Arabian Ranches 1 & 2, Mudon, Victory Heights, Sports City, Motor City, Layan.

With a wide offering of fitness via our Personal Trainers or our vibrant group exercise classes, coached sessions with opt2run running club, outdoor coached cycling sessions and our triathlete coaching business, optimalTRI. To complement and support our fitness offering we also have optimalTHERAPY which has grown into an excellent physiotherapy centre and Caporilli’s Café, our healthy eating hub to refuel pre or post-workout or just drop in for a coffee.

We are not a run-of-the-mill generic operation. Not only do we care very deeply about our clients and their fitness aspirations, but also their experience as they enter our club, from the first greeting to final goodbye and all the interactions in between. We strive for each and every member to feel they belong to somewhere special, supported and part of a family.

We aspire to be the best holistic health centre in the region having the best trainers, instructors and coaches offering the best service and environment to support our clients’ healthy living goals.



Personal training is a great option if you are not sure about where to begin on your fitness journey, need motivation or if you have a specific health and fitness goal that requires expert knowledge. Working with a Personal Trainer means you can work safely with good technique, address your unique requirements with a personalised training program and ensure you are setting realistic and specific goals. You will achieve better results as there will be no time wasted on ineffective sporadic training and they can fit into your schedule and can challenge you as your fitness increases.


Group Exercise classes are a great way to improve your fitness no matter where you are starting from. With a great group vibe, energetic and enthusiastic instructors there are options for all levels and a wide variety of training styles covering strength, cardiovascular training, dance and our more restorative classes such as pilates and yoga to ensure you get balance in your fitness program.


The Optimal Therapy team have extensive knowledge and years of experience treating a variety of joint and muscular injuries from head to feet. All our therapists are qualified to diagnose and treat common injuries such as low back and neck pain, joint pains as well as sports and muscle injuries. Using a variety of treatments, the team are committed to getting you back to fitness so you can get back to doing what you need to do. optimalMUMS specifically looks after the needs of pre & post natal women.


OptimalTRI offers coaching for amateur athletes wishing to compete at any level in Swimming, Biking and Running, Duathlon, Aquathlon or Triathlon. We coach age-group athletes of all abilities and offer a holistic service covering optimal athletic health, nutrition, training and recovery.

Tired of going to traditional gyms? Want to preserve your health or even gain a graceful body? Are your attempts unsuccessful because you were unable to stay committed? Are you bored of that basic fitness environment that lacks experience in leading yourself to achieve your goals?

Look no further, with Volcano PT Club, we strive to create a workout environment where everyone feels accepted and respected. We provide you with your own personal trainers that have the highest level of experience so they are well prepared in helping you reach your goals!

Our services are supported by a mobile application to facilitate the selection of training dates, follow up of your personally designed diet, supporting you during every meal with the proper guidance of appropriate nutritional supplements and even to answer any questions throughout your day that’s solely related to your personal fitness journey.

Now imagine all this, a stress-free fitness environment, a fully guided nutritional journey, without a monthly subscription or even membership fees! Don’t look any further! Volcano PT Club is the club for you!


ISSA (Master Trainer) and Level 4 Personal Training.


We specialize in PT no matter you take up a group or a one to one. You will be trained under a highly skilled PT


The Master Trainer who is also specialized and qualified in sports therapy provides highly effective training for people with special needs (including children) and clients who are having health issues related and paying close attention to people who are highly diabetic and with heart conditions.


We specialize in and focus on giving attention to each of our clients personally which makes us unique from other fitness centers.


We are very proud to survive over 2 years in the fitness industry offering the best prices with great service to the clients and extremely happy to have had massive transformations of the clients in all the perspective mentally, physically and emotionally and help the children build their confidence and give extra support & training for the children who are competing in other sports like swimming for their athletic exposures and endurance.


FUNCTIONAL TRAINING is very literal. We do functional movements as a workout to improve your overall strength and balance. Functional training gives your whole body a workout and builds muscles that you use in your everyday life. Perhaps most of the time during functional training you won’t even use equipment or weights. Many of the exercises require you to use only your body weight, then if you need more of a challenge, you can incorporate weights like dumbbells, kettle bells, battle ropes, and many more . These workouts are self-limiting, which means you can only put your body through what it can physically handle. This type of training removes most chance for injury. This type of training aims to increase the physical parameters of the individuals without strict reference to the intensity and exercise time and fosters physical qualities like strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and coordination. Functional training implies a great fitness orientation, and, consequently, it is based on a healing method, and not work solely for the sake of a sports result.

CROSSFIT TRAINING, aims to prepare your body for any challenge you might throw at it. It can be very competitive and demanding, with workouts broken down into timed events for individuals to compete against each other. With multiple types of exercises to perform, each requiring different techniques, your body is constantly adapting to new scenarios that can dramatically boost your fitness levels. Crossfit also trains the psyche like willpower, discipline, character. High-intensity loads are repeated in circles, exhausting the individuals. In such a situation, when you are at the peak of exhaustion and you have a desire to give up everything, it is just that your mental parameters are trained and the ability to overcome yourself, to show stamina, and accomplish the impossible.

KICKBOXING is that it involves a wide range of activities. Kickboxers train their feet, hands, knees, elbows, among other parts of their body. Not only do they learn how to use these body parts, but they also learn the art of defense.

BOXING specializes in punches only. Nobody can punch better than a skilled boxer. Boxers seem to be faster than kickboxers because they are properly trained on defending against lightning-fast jabs.


We have 7 CrossFit stations with the same number of dumbbells’ racks, kettlebells, Olympic bars and plates. We also have Kickboxing bags.

A Boutique Fitness & Lifestyle brand born in the UAE.

Here you will experience a fitness experience like no other. We aim to push the realms of possibilities through passion, expertise, creativity and hard work.

We want to take you somewhere new and exciting where you can escape the normal world of stress and obligations.

Our programs are designed to inspire and exhilarate those who crave for a more efficient workout where motivation and inspiration are the key factors.

For those who desire a world where creativity and imagination knows no bounds. We want to welcome you to OOMO.

OOMO Fitness Studio feels like home. No Egos, No Stereotypes.

We all have different personal goals, but we help each other reach them. We are all here for different reasons, but we keep each other coming back. We all sing to a different tune, but we are all powered by the same song. We all come from different places, but it’s this one that unites us.

We are motivated and we are challenged, but it’s our home.



Sculpt and tone your entire body with particular focus placed on the legs, glutes, arms and core before finishing with deep stretches that allow you to unwind and relax.


Increase your flexibility and tone your body in this yoga inspired class that will leave you fully rejuvenated.


Full body dance workout using the moves and basic steps of different dance styles (Afro, Hip Hop, Latino and Pop).


Burn the maximum amount of fat by torching up to 1000 calories in this full body cardio workout.


Build your dream body and get in the shape of your life in this full body functional workout.


Get an amazing beach body with this weight circuit training focusing on toning and sculpting your bum, legs and abdominals.


Full body conditioning workout using the science and techniques of boxing

We are a group of individuals who come from different backgrounds and fitness abilities with one thing in common: an appetite for fun and movement. 

Being involved in various activities across Dubai, we saw an opportunity for a home grown boutique offering that fosters a sense of cohesiveness among individuals with similar interests.

Enter Crank! 

Crank is more than just a place to workout. We have invested our energy and passion into creating a space where you can free your mind, challenge yourself and become part of a strong community.

This is reflected in our choice of location, Al Serkal Avenue, being home to one of Dubai’s growing communities. 

Our instructors are energetic, fun and above all inspiring. They will push you to your limits and redefine your threshold, so come with an open mind and let yourself get lost in the beat.


RIDE (cycling)

Pedal through heavy climbs and saddle up for powerful sprints in our signature Ride sessions. Enjoy a full-body workout set against beat-pumping tracks and state of the art light and sound system.


An all-encompassing workout combining high intensity interval training and functional movement skills designed to challenge, burn and shape selected muscle groups and boost your overall strength.


Balance your fitness routine with a combination of dynamic and static stretching for all levels of flexibility. These sessions are designed to aid muscle recovery, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance performance.

Be a part of the most dynamic and niche fitness community in Dubai! You can try your first class for free!

XFit offers unique variety, fun, high intensity, convenience, motivation, and RESULTS! A 3-in-1 boutique studio A Fitness experience like no other…

Three concepts, One Studio – XFit, Boxing & Circuits! No Electronic Equipment – Just you, your body, and your determination!

Maximum Results – Interval training for real results, fast!

High Intensity – Push yourself to the limit! Variation – No single class is the same!

Quick and Convenient – Workout before breakfast, during lunch, or after work!

It’s for Everyone – Beginner, seasoned athlete or fitness fanatic!

Fitness First Town Centre club houses a stunning half Olympic 25-meter lap pool ideal for those who seek to get that extra edge with competitive swimming. This is complemented by the spa pool and the children’s pool.

Also on offer is a mixed gym area that is fully equipped with best-in-class in cardio, weights, strength training, and freestyle equipment.

For leisure activities there are two indoor squash courts and two outdoor tennis courts.

Separate male and female changing rooms, steam rooms and wonderfully relaxing Spa Pools are also available to help you unwind after a long day at work or a strenuous workout.

Fitness First Dubai Festival City is one of the pioneer clubs of Fitness First here in the Middle East.

This 27,000 square ft facility houses over 80 Cardio Equipments, 40 Strength machines, Synergy 360, and Free weights area.

They also have Group Exercise, Spinning, and Mind & Body Studio as venues for their motivating and entertaining Group Classes.

Each newly refurbished male & female shower area also includes Steam and Sauna rooms.

They also provide Towel Service, Free Tea and Coffee, and WIFI access in their Members Lounge. As a Plus member, you can also access their local and overseas clubs at no extra cost. Dubai Festival City Mall offers 6000 Parking spaces that can be used by members for FREE.

Fitness First Al Barsha Dubai is located in the heart of Al Barsha in Rasis Business Centre on the 2nd floor and it is very close to Mall of the Emirates. The Platinum club has facilities for both men and women with an exclusive Ladies Only facility. Sprawling over 2,100 sq meters, the club is fitted with dedicated cardio and weight training space, an exclusive ‘Fitzone’ with the latest functional training equipment and a Group Exercise studio in the Ladies Club. Both clubs offer free car parking to add to the convenience for club members. Also in the offering is MYZONE™; an innovative tool to track, measure and review workout progress. In addition, the Members Lounge is a perfect break to catch up with co-members and relax, or catch up with the latest news as well as connecting with free Wifi. Complete with internationally certified instructors and personal trainers; the club is the ideal fitness solution for anyone looking to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

A top tier community health club, suitable for families, couples and individuals. The facility is 1100 square meters in size located in the heart of Arabian Ranches 2 in Dubai. Facilities include access to an outdoor leisure swimming pool with surrounding sunbeds as well as a children’s pool. You can train while your little ones play in the children’s activity studio. The club boasts 2 world class outdoor tennis courts and 1 indoor squash court to enjoy while socialising with friends. There is a 400 square meter terrace with a sprint track and outdoor training equipment. There is also an extensive range of Cardio Fitness Equipment (Treadmills, Bikes, Elipticals, Power mill, New flex striders) with attachable TV Screens, new Insignia strength machines, a wide array of free weights and plate loaded equipment. One of the most popular features of the club is the impressive offering of group exercise classes in the multipurpose studio to experience the most innovative and exciting workouts. There are also luxurious changing rooms with express lockers to offer a quick, safe and easy storage option alongside a spacious car park.

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