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12 reviews for Train with Martin

  1. Gachiri

    The step by step approach helped me a lot and the flexible timings fits my work schedule. Excellent explanations on exercise type and progress review. The friendliness is unmatched and hence my 5 star recommendation

  2. Ilham

    I’ve worked with martin about many years ago ,he is great and he is knowledgeable about the body by choosing a good exercise.honestly martin is the best personal trainer

  3. Hegazy Gharieb

    Fantastic training

  4. Lovegah

    I have been trained by Martin and got the best work outs ever That enabled me reduce on my weight and improve on my flexibility. He gives the best nutrition advice and he is a good trainer to deal with.

  5. Denis

    The best trainer ever! I lost alot of weight in a very small time and he has the best experience in the field. Thank alot I really appreciate it

  6. Jefflee

    Martin took time to understand my body and my state of fitness and developed a bespoke program that worked like none before. He’s friendly, and passionate on his craft. He totally earned this 5 star.

  7. Denis

    The best trainer ever! I lost alot of weight in a very small time and he has the best experience in the field. Thanks alot I really appreciate it.

  8. murtaza0402

    I have had no less than 5 trainers in my short time in Dubai but I have never met someone as dedicated, imaginative and motivational as Martin. He’s not just a trainer, he is a partner in changing your life! Don’t look any further – BOOK YOUR CLASS NOW, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!

  9. Johnson6155

    Martin’s competence on what works best for his clients is commendebale. From his ability to individualize every gym goer to the prompt advice he gives, I’d recommend him to everyone any day.

  10. Samnasr

    A one of a kind personal trainer, unfortunately still I didn’t get the chance to train with him, but definitely I will, Martin have a very stunning reputation, flexibility, punctuality, and positivity which will give your session more energetic and satisfaction.

  11. mnjuki

    Martin’s training approach is unparalleled due to his methodical and tailored approach. He understands the client’s level and works incrementally which makes everything very easy but effective.
    And the friendliness is out of this planet.

  12. Varvara

    Training with Martin has been amazing! His approach is great as he always has a different type of exercise for every session making it more interesting! Also what was more important for me is his motivation and his coaching to always achieve more and push my limits! He helped me loose my pregnancy weight and get my body to an even better shape than before!

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