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15 Natural Foods to Curb Hunger – Appetite Suppressants

Table of Contents

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

How can we ignore our life pleasure, fulfilling the desire to eat healthfully? We all feel an inevitable sense of hunger. It is a signal from our body that now our cells need food to allow us to keep working. Eating only a single food, again and again, urges your appetite for something different. Before changing your diet or adding something new to your diet, consult your doctor. There are a lot of options-tea, supplements, and foods that he can recommend to you.

A routine will help you keep satiated. You may go through the below following steps:

  • Fill your belly with a lot of water.
  • Try to add appetite suppressants to your diet.

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

Here is a list showing natural foods to curb hunger that are high in fibers but low in fats that you may adopt to eat:



Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

Available at stores is this vegetable that is high in fiber. Taking 8 to 9 radishes provides about 20g calories and is veggie crunchy, sweet, and easy to store in the refrigerator.

Additionally, you can chop radish with any other fruit and vegetable to make a healthy salad. Add some spicy flavor to make it yummy and crunchy.



Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

No one is unaware of the importance of water. It is a primary beverage better than any shake or juice. Water fills your stomach up. Good water intake keeps you healthy.  Sometimes, you feel hungry when you are thirsty. Prioritize drinking water many times as it does not contain calories.

US department of health and human services reports that water is a primary beverage with zero calories. Additionally, it will help you combat excessive fats in your body. Maintain an adequate quantity of water in your body to stay hydrated.


Adding Proteins to diet

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

Have you ever noticed why healthcare practitioners recommend proteins as natural foods to curb hunger? Or why proteins are essential for building lean muscles? Proteins are one of the rudimentary foods that provide glucose.

You may think that proteins include only meat but to add to your information you must know that cereals are low-energy proteins. Some proteins are effective as anti-hunger foods. Start taking sufficient protein to promote weight loss by decreasing your appetite.


Fiber-rich foods

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

The addition of cucumber in your meal is a decent option to satiate your hunger. It also helps in losing weight quickly. The cucumber is a veggie rich in water and fiber. Fiber-rich vegetables often contain essential vitamins, helpful plant substances, and antioxidants.

Fibre-rich plant substances like gums, psyllium, and pectin have filling effects and are often used mixed in beverages. But sometimes, researchers believe that fiber and appetite reduction has no relation.


Dark Chocolate and Hunger Suppression

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

As compared to milk chocolate, which shows no results in reducing appetite, dark chocolate is often used. You can observe the effects of eating dark chocolate. Milk chocolate helps in the quick digestion of previously eaten food, even.

If you are looking for a sweet treat without excess calories, reach for chocolate with a high cacao percentage, which will typically contain less cane sugar.

Consider this another good reason to savor a piece of dark chocolate after a meal!



Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

Do you love eating guava? How a person can ignore delicious tropical fruit – Guava. You might be thinking about why nutritionists recommend guava. It is a complete diet with 45 calories and up to 5 grams of fibers in it.

There are numerous ways to take guava, such as adding to smoothies or eating it as raw fruit. Additionally, you can add any part of the fruit to the smoothy as it is edible. To make your guava recipe more delicious, add some strawberries and pineapples.

Ensure adding guava to natural foods to curb hunger!



Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

You might have heard that celery is a well-worn staple food. Would you like to add this to your list of natural foods to curb hunger?

Celery is versatile, affordable, and super low in calories. Celery is a perfect food if you want a good source of dietary fiber and proteins. Chop up celery and use it in a veggie omelet in the morning for breakfast, or add it to a green juice. Pack two or three stalks to munch on at lunch or add to a salad. You can even make cream of celery soup for dinner.

Use white beans instead of heavy cream to cut calories!


Frozen Berries

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

Following a weight loss routine on a tight budget might be intimidating for you. Well, fret not! You can opt for a low-priced package of frozen berries instead of fresh berries. It is an easy way to add berries to your natural foods to curb hunger.

Frozen berries will give you healthy nutrients and fibers. You can take 64-97 calories from frozen raspberries by adding them to a shake or berry sauce for a dessert.

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White Beans

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

Have you ever tried white beans? Or wondering why adding white beans to natural foods to curb hunger is essential? Almost all beans are healthy and fiber-rich. A half-serving cup of beans can provide 150 calories and 6 grams of fiber.

You might be finding ways to take white beans. You can add these beans to soups and salads. Most cream soup recipes have heavy cream or butter added to get a smooth texture. Skip those high-fat dairy products and use pureed white beans instead. It is easy to do and delicious. 


Acorn Squash

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

There are several varieties of squash to add to natural foods to curb hunger. However, acorn squash is favorite, affordable, and easy to find. From one-half of acorn squash, you can take 85 calories and 3.25 grams of fibers.

How can you skip acorn squash when making a list of natural foods to curb hunger? You can replace high starch foods like pasta with this warm food. So, what will be the best way to make acorn squash? You can experiment with it in soups, baked goods, and casseroles.



Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

You might have heard that broccoli is the best natural food to curb hunger. But do you know why nutritionists recommend broccoli? One cup provides 31 calories, 2.4 grams of fiber, and 2.5 grams of protein. If you don’t like the texture of broccoli, use it in a cream soup. It’s also deliciously roasted with lemon or mixed into a stir fry.  

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Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

One of the best natural foods to curb hunger is cauliflower. Also, you can get them easily at any food store. A serving of this versatile vegetable provides about 2.5 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, and only about 25 calories!

You can take this crunchy vegetable as raw fruit or use it in mashed cauliflowers. Also, you can make pizza crust with cauliflower for good taste.

Do not forget to taste cheesy cauliflower cake!



Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

A superfood for many reasons!

You can add this green leafy vegetable to the list of natural foods to curb hunger. Through spinach, you can take 65 calories and 7 grams of fiber by taking spinach.

You might be wondering what will be the best way to take spinach. Use it instead of iceberg lettuce on sandwiches and salads, or add it to your morning omelet. 



Natural Foods to Curb Hunger

Another nutrient and fiber-rich food that you can add to your list of natural foods to curb hunger is jicama. Generally, it is common in some parts of the USA and hard to find in others. But if you are willing to weight loss, ensure adding jicama to your diet.

Not sure what to do with jicama? You can peel and slice the veggie and eat it just like you would eat a carrot. It also makes a great addition to salads or spring rolls.



Natural Foods to Curb Hunger
Fresh green pea pods and seeds isolated on white background

Though peas may not seem the fanciest vegetable to add to the list, these are rich in fiber. These are super cheap and easy to find at any food store.

Add peas to salads or other recipes, even when they aren’t on the ingredients list. Peas have a soft flavor that blends well with everything. And they are tasty on their own!

Try a creamy spring vegetable risotto with peas!

Natural Foods to Curb Hunger – Final Thoughts

Here we have mentioned affordable and easily available natural foods to curb hunger. Whether you want to lose weight or take a healthy diet, ensure adding protein-rich and fiber-rich foods to your diet. If you are not sure about your weight loss diet plan, consult with a healthcare professional. Only a healthcare provider can determine your body needs as per your body mass index.

Make your list of Natural Foods to Curb Hunger and share with us!

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