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Are you a Personal Trainer? Welcome to MYFITAPE, we are an online health, fitness, and personal trainer marketplace. Personal Trainers and fitness specialists are the core of what makes MYFITAPE the home to everyone. With us, you unlock the following privileges!


Your Own Business

Your very own branded store with your bookings, sessions and classes + more!

Accept Payments Online

Charge new and existing clients in advance. No need to wait again or have last minute cancellations.

New Clients

Increase your client base and build your personal brand online.

Build a Following

Create engaging content, showcase your physique and build a fan base.

Build Your Brand

Build your personal brand. Customize your profile, banners and stand out.

Build Your Credibility

Have customers review you and gain credibility online.

Discuss & Chat

Chat and discuss within the FITAPE community. Help and grow your online expertise and gain new customers.

Store Analytics

Track and analyse your business analytics from your dashboard.

Client Management

Manage all your clients from one place including their contact details. Send messages and build your customer relationships.


Find insight into your sales and growth.

Client Reminders

Your customers will never miss a class again. Automated Email reminders and bookings reminders.

Direct Messages

Never miss messages from FITAPES. All messages will be sent to your inbox.

Find Me

Our GEO location technology, helps clients find you in real-time and let the maps direct them to you.


Share images and videos of your client portfolio. Organise your media and let FITAPES see what you’re about.

Create & Join Events

Create and join local events within the community.

Personal Trainer FAQ

How do I Join?

To join us you will need to sign up by registering online.

How much does it cost?

To become a FITAPE, it costs only your dedication and motivation. To join the community it’s Free, even becoming personal trainers is Free. However, you do have the option for a PRO Account which unlocks more advanced features for those who have a growing business.

Do I need to be a qualified Personal Trainer?

You might not be a fully qualified trainer which is absolutely fine as out FITAPE community is for those that offer a spectrum of abilities. However, in order to be a verified vendor, we would be required to see your Personal Trainer qualifications. The verification process takes a couple of days and once confirmed you will see a tick next to your profile.

I am not a personal trainer, can I still join?

Our platform is from Swimming Instructors to Yoga beginners. Our FITAPEs has a variety and dynamic membership. This allows the community and marketplace to flourish.

How long does it take to sign up?

It takes less than a 2 minutes to fill your details in and you will then receive an email confirmation to ensure you’re not a BOT. Once you’re verified you will be able to log in and start building your profile.

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