Personal Trainer Cost in Dubai – How much since the Pandemic?

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Here we outline the Personal Trainer cost in Dubai since the pandemic and what the current market rates are.

If you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle or tone but don’t know where to start then you’re probably in search of a personal trainer in Dubai and probably have already come across some rates. In this article, we will outline how the pricing structure has changed since the pandemic and the new forms of payment options that are available to you.

Why Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are certified professionals who have gained a diploma and certification to offer fitness training to clients. They study, learn about anatomy, and also how to train clients through an internationally recognised qualification.

Different trainers have different experience and qualifications. When looking for a personal trainer in Dubai, it can be challenging because most of them have different experiences and certifications which can leave you confused and out of sorts which is why we have simplified it in this article.

Working from home

Since working from home, the ability to access deliveries has surged with the majority of those working remotely finding themselves gaining weight. Due to restricted time constraints, visiting the gym can be a challenge as most peoples routines have shifted. Instead, most people have reverted to training from home with a personal trainer in Dubai.

How has the Pandemic affected Personal Trainer Cost in Dubai?

In the recent year, prices and adjustments have been made to the personal trainer industry and one of them has been price. Since the personal trainer prices are heavily in connection with disposable income, we have found that through a poll almost 35-45% of personal trainers in Dubai have reduced their prices or provided alternative payment plans to their clients.

Less Disposable Income means less access to Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer prices are pegged to disposable income, which means a cut in salary or complete loss of employment can affect the market prices. During the pandemic, this has been the case across the board and so the market has adjusted and the trainer prices have been reduced.

What was the average price for a personal trainer session before the Pandemic?

From our platform in the year between 2019 – 2020, we found that the average pricing of a 4-year experiences personal trainer with Level 3 certification was 365AED per session for Dubai.

Prices in Sharjah were relatively lower in the same year and this was a reflection of the average household income and levels of disposable income compared to Dubai.

What was the average price for a personal trainer session after the Pandemic?

Since the pandemic, around 25-35% drop in rates has occurred. This means that the average pricing for personal trainer prices in 2020 – 2021 has come down to 315AED per session.

By average, we’re referring to the rate that 300 personal trainers provided their clients across the board and those that ended up taking up their services.

What caused the drop in trainer prices?

Although we mentioned income as a key signal or indicator in price, the rates of Gyms has an indirect impact on rates. Since the pandemic, many gyms have adjusted their pricing with a new low tier pricing strategy, some (not all) as low as 99AED per month for a gym membership.

A drop by 1/3 of the average gym membership pricing has a domino effect on the price expectancy of clients. Which in turn makes the personal training pricing seem expensive when in fact they’re justified.

How do I compare the rates of personal trainers?

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