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Personal Trainers Dubai -Find, Review and Book Personal Trainers right here. No matter your fitness goals MYFITAPE platform helps you find the right personal or private trainer for home or gym training in Dubai. Finding the right trainer can be challenging and MYFITAPE has simplified the process in your area.
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Finding the Right Dubai Personal Trainer

This page contains personal trainer profile links to all best personal trainers in Dubai listed on the platform. You can browse, filter and contact different personal trainers listed below or if you prefer you can further filter by location, pricing and so much more. Whether you need a make or female personal trainer (PT) based in Dubai for yourself, group training for weight loss, general fitness, pre and post natal exercise, boxing, body toning and other Dubai personal training services you are guaranteed to find the perfect suitable personal trainers for you. Each personal trainers profile includes the trainer’s experience, qualifications, price and client testimonials along with their contact button where you simply have to sign up to be able to engage in our direct messaging feature on the website. Most importantly, once you’re satisfied with what you see and have your questions answered then you can book online directly from our platform. Unlike other sites, we don’t waste time in contact forms and endless communication as you’re in control of your fitness here. Simply book, review and you can even manage your payments, bookings and direct message partners when you want.

Why Book a Personal Trainer In Dubai?

Dubai-based Personal Trainers come in different experiences, locations, and specialities. We make finding training sessions easy. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, burning fat or improving your strength. Personal training is your gateway to health and fitness. We understand that living in Dubai can limit your time to going to the gym and actually searching for a personal trainer can be time-consuming. Which is why, with us you can become fit around your time

Why Our Personal Trainers in Dubai?

We have sourced the best available personal/private fitness trainers in Dubai that can assist you in your workouts, diet plans, weight loss, nutrition and helping you achieve your fitness goals. Once you register, you can manage your payments booking management and not have to deal with endless forms and calls. We call it convenience, just search, review and book when you want – simple!

How to Book Male/Female Personal Fitness Trainer in Dubai?

You can simply select a personal fitness trainers and instructors in Abu Dhabi and surrounding regions in Dubai from the listing. Review their services, personal trainer experience and their price and then after you’re satisfied, you can simply book them by selecting your preferred time and making the payment online securely. If you wish to contact the trainer, you can do so and message them directly to make sure to sign up.

Why Booking Online is the Best?

Think about it, waiting to hear back to initiate fitness doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. We’re proud to be the UAE’s first to providing instantly bookable fitness so you can focus on fitness and less of the hassle of payment. Register online and get started!

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Train with Marko

Partner Account : Marko El Vakerito
Starting at 500.0AED
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Train with Mustafa

Partner Account : MustafaDXB
Starting at 375.0AED
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Train with Rumen

Partner Account : rumen_spetsov
Starting at 350.0AED
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Train with Tarek

Partner Account : Tarek Ghattas
Starting at 350.0AED
Added to wishlistRemoved from wishlist 1

Train with Katrina

Partner Account : Ekaterina Stolboushkina
Starting at 360.0AED
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Train with Marina

Partner Account : Marina
Starting at 350.0AED
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Train with Martin

Partner Account : Martin
Starting at 350.0AED
Added to wishlistRemoved from wishlist 4

Train with Nikita

Partner Account : Nikita_fit
Starting at 250.0AED
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Train with Alfredo

Partner Account : Alfredo
Starting at 350.0AED
Added to wishlistRemoved from wishlist 0

Train with Sara

Partner Account : Sara
Starting at 400.0AED
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WhatsApp Image 2018-09-14 at 9.50.48 AM

Train with Yavar

Partner Account : yavarpower
Starting at 150.0AED
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Train with Lou

Partner Account : loubriancon
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