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Training alone with little or no motivation can be challenging! That’s why at MYFITAPE we have made sure that we offer the best personal trainers in Sharjah to help keep you motivated and to ensure you make the most out of your fitness journey. We’re the leading health and fitness platform in the UAE, offering you a simple approach to finding your personal trainer easy, with just a simple filters and clicks you can find your ideal trainer. 

Every new member is entitled to a free Personal Training session when getting started to help you get a taste of how streamline the process is from registering to booking your first few sessions. Additionally, we will credit your account with 50AED on registration.

Read on below to see how personal training with MYFITAPE and how a personal trainer or fitness trainers can improve your fitness goals!




Our personal trainers Sharjah can help guide you to the correct workout routine, the right diet and provide a customized plan that is made just for you. The goal of all our personal trainers is show you how to train, motivated you in a safe and effective way. Whether you’re completely new to exercise or just need to change up your current routine, then our Sharjah personal trainers and Abu Dhabi trainers can help you achieve your goals!

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Does your current workout plan, diet and personal trainer not give you the results you want? Our personal trainers can quickly identify where you’re going wrong so that you can start seeing immediate results from your workouts. Our platform allows you to match up with your ideal personal trainer in Sharjah and push you further than ever before. MYFITAPE is known to bring customers through the door for personal training and have their lives transformed.


Exercising by yourself can be challenging! Our personal trainers in Sharjah will mix up your current routine and bring new challenges that will replace the old for a better routine. Our trainers have a unparalleled level of charisma and experience to help you overcome any mental barriers to achieving your transformation. A MYFITAPE personal trainers in Sharjah carefully establish your habits, understand your psychology and support you to take your fitness to the next level with a positive approach. 

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There is a substantial amount of information available ranging from Magazines to what a fitness influencer says on here Instagram Live. 

The job of a personal trainers is stay up to date with the most effective and recent trends to decide which ones are right and relevant for you! There is recycled information that can at times be confusing, especially when you can consider the effectiveness of a low card diet or a Keto diet, so allow your PT to do the thinking for you! You simply show up and follow the instructions.


The saying goes that ‘Abs are built in the kitchen’, there is truth to this statement. Diets tends to be the most challenging aspect of becoming healthier and fitter. 

It’s 20% training and 80% diet! Whether that is accurate or not, a personal trainer in Sharjah can certainly help you track your nutrition and assist you in making a tailored plan that you can follow in the kitchen alongisde a exercise plan in the Gym or at home. The best trainers in Sharjah offer a diet plan, accountability and professionalism. Luckily for you we have all the above!


How to Book Personal Trainers in Sharjah?

1. Register

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2. Search Personal Trainers in Sharjah

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3. Book Online

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4. Workout

Show up and workout - simple!


Personal trainers vary in their pricing as factors such as their experience, location and also their speciality absorbs into their pricing. Our platform luckily allows you to filter personal trainers according to your budget.

You can contact them using the direct messaging available, simply click on ‘Inbox’ button on their profile, it will then direct you to open a chat. Once the conversation starts the Personal Trainers in Sharjah will respond within minutes usually.

Book in advance, personal trainers especially those in Sharjah have a very tight schedule and booking in advance is required.

There is no issue, simply just provide as much notice as possible with a minimum of 24 hours notice to your Personal Trainer to reshuffle the dates around.

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