Marina Vulin

Marina Vulin

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Hi, I am Marina, personal trainer in Abu Dhabi. Beside PT I am also EMS( Electro Muscle Stimulation) trainer and Yoga and Pilates certified coach. With me, you will have individualized program proven to motivate you to adopt sustainable, healthy behaviour, and more active life. With me, you will be fuelled up with enthusiasm, passion, and drive and guidance to find your greatness and change your life through fitness. A yoga or Pilates session tailored to you. Release muscle tension and open up your body to feel a new experience. Each workout is tailored to you and your goals. The regimen is also gentle on your joints, muscles, and tendons. That is what makes my training so special and also suitable for every age group and every fitness level

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⚡️ Single Sessions Cost: 2,700.0د.إ

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