Angela Tizon Ambrosio
Angela Tizon Ambrosio
Angela Tizon Ambrosio
Angela Tizon Ambrosio
Angela Tizon Ambrosio
Angela Tizon Ambrosio

Angela Tizon Ambrosio

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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

“Meet Angela Tizon Ambrosio, a certified personal fitness trainer since 2009 for private and group class certified fitness trainer”.

I am specialized in training local ladies in Dubai. I have acquired many types of certifications in my fitness career. These following certifications describe and showcase my ability to train you professionally: Certified Strong by Zumba Instructor – Certified Pro Pound Instructor – Certified Strength and Condition Instructor – Certified Group Class Instructor – Certified Weight Lifting – Bodybuilding instructor.

In which facilities do I train?

Mainly at my local customers and kids clients residential gyms, and houses.

I also train both male and female.

My special services? 

Stretching – Yoga class – Massage Therapy after training.

What can I bring to clients?

Exercise equipment like dumbbells, bands, TRX, and agilty ladder.

What is my added value?

I focus on clients’ goals whether it is Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning and I am result oriented. I monitor my client’s diet and training using a record book, or fitness logbook to increase their results and give them a reference to their fitness programs.

I set goals and plans through programs and I have regular goal-setting sessions and I ensure reaching targets.

 I have regular reassessments of some descriptions to show to my clients that they are progressing.

 I encourage them by sharing feedbacks. I let my clients know that they are doing great. I am honest and direct in order to communicate my training strategy effeciently.

I am on time and reliable, I never cancel a session by managing my time.

What are my past achievements?

As a certified fitness trainer I experienced good and effective results from losing weight, and achieving my clients’ goals. I am a hard-working fitness trainer with more than 10 years and I consider myself as an athlete.

I am a weight lifter, a bodybuilder, a strong by Zumba instructor, a propound instructor, and a group class and 1-1 and family fitness trainer in Dubai for 3 years. I have been competing in the fitness industry and participated in fitness events.


I demonstrate the correct ways of performing exercises and how to use the equipment. I monitor my client’s body in order for them to achieve the movement correctly.

I am patient, and I understand my customers. I am Focused on stretching, warm-up, agility, mobility, strength, body coordination, isolation programs of hypertrophy, and I finish my sessions with the cooldown and stretching to ensure that they are doing the correct ways of exercising and to avoid injuries. Those things are essential for me when training.


Reps / Level 2 Certification – Certified Strong by Zumba Instructor – Certified Pro Pound Instructor – Certified Fitness Trainer.


Strength & Conditioning – Weight-loss programs – Weight Lifter – HIIT – Interval Training – Cardio Endurance Programs – Functional Programs – Body Building Programs – Crossfit – Tabata Programs, Massage Therapy – Stretching.


TRX – Resistance Bands – Abs Roller – Agility Ladder – Sliders.


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