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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

“Meet Christopher Ring, a freelance Level 3 Personal Trainer”.

The Training that I specialize in, Strength & Conditioning, Toning & Weight-loss, Functional Training, Muscle & Body-building, HITT & Cardio, Metabolic Conditioning & Group Classes & Bootcamps. 

I believe that training is not only for the body but also for the mind. It should be a huge part of our everyday lives, where we continuously strive to do, be, and feel better. The human mind and body are capable of almost everything and it is our responsibility to push our limits and to see how far we can actually go. 

I enjoy staying active and spend most of my time outdoors. Massive interest in all kinds of sports and doing whatever it takes to keep moving. 


In which facilities do I train?

Gyms, apartment gyms, parks & beaches.

My special accesses to gyms to train my client

I do have access to gym, however, membership fees will be charged by the gym.

My special services

A dedicated Personal Trainer who takes a deep interest in the client’s needs and targets. 
As not one person is identical, therefore each client will have different goals, needs, and targets. A specialized program suited for each individual client with professional goal-based training. High motivation and accountability to assist clients to stay on track.

What can I bring to clients?

Extremely professional service and extensive knowledge, where the client feels that their needs are being met and that they are getting the most out of their training and fitness journey. Accurate goal and target measuring, continuous progressive training, weekly check-ins on planned targets, and correct adjustments. Around the clock availability. Adherence to meet the requirements of the client’s preferences such as timing and location of sessions. Personalized, goal-based meal plans, with accurate tracking of macros, calories, and daily requirements. Thorough breakdown on how to understand the provided information on diet and training. Continuous support and motivation to ensure client satisfaction. Accountability and someone for the clients to rely on.

What is my added value?

I myself have a deep passion for training and staying active and working in the fitness industry. Eating food which enhances the way we function, makes us feel better, and get stronger. I utilize my passion and pass it on to my clients and the people I’m around. I find great purpose in what I do and fulfillment in assisting people to become the ultimate best version of themselves.

What are my past achievements?

Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer was the best decision I have ever made. It allows me to work closely with people and improve their lives. Assisting people to achieve their goals and seeing the satisfaction it brings them gives me a great purpose. 

I have worked closely with many people who have made major changes in their lives for the better. 

I am a coach for Bestbodyco, Dubai 30 x 30, and a dedicated Personal Trainer.


Progressive goal-based training, Functional training where we utilize the body in ways that enhance performance. Strength training. Most importantly, finding the best possible style of training based on the client’s preference, therefore, making training enjoyable and not something to be dreaded. Everyone is unique, not one person is the same.


Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma In Fitness Instructing and Personal Training.


Strength & Conditioning, Toning & Weight-loss, Functional Training, Muscle-mass & Body-building, HITT & Cardio, Group classes & Bootcamps.


Resistance bands, Skipping Ropes and Agility ladders.


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⚡️ Single Sessions Cost: 250.0د.إ

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