Elhusseiny Wageh
Elhusseiny Wageh
Elhusseiny Wageh

Elhusseiny Wageh

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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

“Meet Elhusseiny, a certified personal trainer, kickboxing instructor, nutrition expert, and clinical pharmacist”.

I can help you if you need a massive and permanent change in your shape if you want to lose fat, build muscle, and learn kickboxing. 


In which facilities do I train?

I can train with any facilities like gym facilities, dumbbells only and bodyweight workouts.

I can train both genders.


My special services

For each client, I prepare a diet plan according to his goals.


What can I bring to clients?

Help the clients to achieve their goals easily by pushing them during the workout and motivate them until we get their goals together.


What is my added value?

Each client, I can train him basic kickboxing skills if he wants. Also, I will give them a flexible diet plan to help them to achieve their goals easily if he wants to lose weight or gain muscles.


What are my past achievements?

I helped 2 of my clients to lose 10 Kg in 3 months and gain 2 Lb of muscles regardless of they are with older age like 60 years old male and 49 years old female.



Total body Circuit training – Push-Pull – legs – Superset – Dropset – HIIT.



I got my International Personal Training and Kickboxing Instruction Certificate from more than 2 years from ETA College here in Dubai.
Also, I got my Pharm D degree “Doctor of Pharmacy” Degree that includes a nutrition certificate from more than 4 years.



Lose weight – Build Muscles – Kickboxing Instruction.



I can train with anything and anywhere. Also, I can bring the kickboxing mats and pads with me.


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⚡️ Single Sessions Cost: 150.0AED

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