Alya Salem

Alya Salem

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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

“Meet Alya, an athlete and PT who specializes in helping women achieve health and fitness goals.”

In which facilities do I train?

I mostly train my clients at them home or gym they will like to train, or even parks.

My special accesses to gyms to train my clients

Warehouse Gym Al Quoz, Fitness HQ.

My special services

I can help with powerlifting.

What can I bring to clients?

Results and Fun.

What is my added value?

The tailored Nutrition plan that I provide.

What are my past achievements?

Competing in powerlifting.


For women, I usually provide a full-body circuit encompassing all of the muscle groups.


ACE certified fitness trainer.


Toning, Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Resistance Training, Functional Training, Circuit Training, Cardio/Muscular Endurance, Muscle Building, Barre.


Dumbbells, Loop bands.

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⚡️ Single Sessions Cost: 200.0د.إ

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