Katie Smillie

Katie Smillie

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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

Down to earth trainer who likes to have fun while training clients, I want my clients to have the most enjoyable experience when it comes to fitness and not dread that next session. Switching up your workouts to keep it new and interesting all while hitting those all important goals you have, wether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, or a total body transformation I can definitely help you achieve your long term goals.

In which facilities do you train?

Residential gyms, home, outdoors & gym facility.

Do you have special access to gyms to train your client?

Train SF Al Quoz

Do you propose special services? If yes, please develop


What can you bring to clients?

I bring clients results!
Motivation, fun & the push they need to keep them going.

What is your added value?

Sessions will always be pre-planned strategically with the clients needs as a top priority. All exercises will be explained thoroughly before the sessions and an explanation as to why and how these exercises will benefit the client.

What are your past achievements?

Participant of Fighting Fit 2018


Mix of resistance, circuit, HIIT & boxing

What level Personal Trainer qualification do you have?

Level 3


Level 2 – gym instructor
Level 3 – Personal trainer
Science of nutrition & healthy eating
Leading sporting activities
Sporting activities Football
Sporting activities Skiing

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