Sai Kumar

Sai Kumar

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About Me (Bio)

“Meet Kumar, a certified level 4 personal trainer with 10+ years experience in fitness industry”.

Whatever your fitness goals are – you will achieve them with my support.
No time for excuses – only results

My specialties are :
Weight loss
Body building
Body toning
Core / Cardio Strength / Flexibility
High intensity interval training

I provide Free Nutrition plan and Free supplementation.

With me your trainings will be always diversified since we will use multiple techniques which lead you to the great result!

In which facilities do I train?

TK MMA gym & fitness avenue, home trainings ,outdoor trainings.

My special accesses to gyms to train my client?

TK MMA gym & fitness avenue.

What can I bring to clients?

I can help my clients to achieve their fitness goals and stay motivated all the way of their body transformation. I will lead them through all the difficulties they may face during this way.

What is my added value?

Apart from being a fitness coach, I always support my clients during their daily routine with wise advice which related not only to fitness industry. I have a lot of clients with whom we became good friends even after they moved to a new country or stopped using my services.

What are my past achievements?

Well, first of all I can be proud of my own body and mind transformation – I worked hard to build my own body and got used to healthy habits. I believe, that we should always start with ourselves before we tell other people what to do.
Regarding my clients’ results, I can name weight loss more than 100 kg for a young lady. She couldn’t lose weight for many years and was depressed – together we changed her mind set and made her body looks like she wanted. Another bring example – is a sportsmen whom I guided how to prepare his body for the international competition. With my advice and regular trainings we achieved his goal and he won the 1st place.


Strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, agility and flexibility,Weightlifting,
boxing , Circuit Training, High Intensity, Short Duration.


Level 4 personal Trainer – Sports yoga and Issa.


Weight loss
Body building
Body toning
Core / Cardio Strength / Flexibility
High intensity interval training


resistant bands

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